September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/29/20

  1. Caribbean people take EVERYTHING to heart. We are extremely passionate when it comes to our country and people. I do think T&T went too hard but Nicki will continue to redeem herself.

  2. People do realize that Nicki and her team has to ask for permission to film everything? They agreed to it? So I don’t see the issue. We don’t know how she will present it in the documentary but so far I’ve only seen Nicki being proud to be Trini… idk at this point I really feel like people do the most when it comes to her.

  3. I knew that IG Post she had made was aimed at the situation! It wasn’t until people really started getting on her that she started apologizing! But low and behold a barb tried to come for me smfh

    Even though I can’t stand her husband he didn’t physically assault the guy & I think media just did what it does best and escalated the situation. Trini probably felt offended but got hyped up even more cause of social media.

    I’ve always noticed Nicki didn’t go back to Trinidad the same way Rihanna goes back to Barbados and I had no idea Nicki made those comments. I can see the offense, that’s painting the country in a scary light.

    Lastly more stuff is coming out about her documentary now & it is ironic she’s decided to go back so randomly. Since she brought cameras with her I’m gonna assume this was to be some sort of “going back to my roots” situation where shes going back to Trini to get in touch with herself again after all she’s been through…dang Nicki it does sound a little bit like 🧢

  4. Man, it really just sounds like a case of, “Damned if you DO, damned if you don’t.” It’s some bullshit to me. So she filmed it. WTF?! She wasn’t there to exploit, or mock. Wow. But I guess if it wasn’t this, it would be something.

    1. If they were fine this post would not exist babe go back and put in Trinidad and Tobago drag nicki in Twitter and you tell me if they seem fine

  5. Nicky should worry about her hood South Side Jamaica and stop being so proud of a place that obviously doesn’t like to be represented by her. Ain’t she the biggest star on the planet to actually fly their flag? People are really miserable. What she said wasn’t A lie either.

  6. If Trinidadians are unaware of AIDS… then they should get made aware. Do whatever they need to do , research, tests & so forth. I don’t blame nicki, i wouldn’t have apologized for speaking facts… she legit didn’t say anything wrong lol

    Whether Nicki recorded or not , someone would have … i mean , ITS NICKI MINAJ. It Just sounds like people love having something to complain about….

    1. That woman can never do nothing right. People always find wrong in everything she do its getting old.

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