October 3, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/17/20

  1. Chris if you don’t cut the BS it has been 5 YEARS! You lost!! Leave that girl alone!!! Dang even if she wasn’t with victor she obviously had proven she don’t want to be with you anymore plus you have 2 children now. She ain’t coming home. I wish Vic would propose already and get it over with so chris can either A) get the point or B) lose his mind and mess around and get that restraining order extended cause the expiration date is approaching i think.

    Who smashed kelis young? Someone said Pharrell potato bug looking ass. Eek!

  2. Omggggg this is all a whole bunch of mess. I feel
    Like all these famous big names is starting to have this thing for younger girls. Smhh I don’t get it!! Kelis is a hot ass mess though ! She need her money by any means necessary!

  3. Lamar Odom crazy fiance punching him in the mouth would not surprise me because she went to jail for assaulting her baby daddy. Lamar needs to Get Out Now, run like Forrest Gump and don’t look back.

  4. Bruuhh Lamar’s fiancé is a crazy psycho bish- ion like her, she look mean as hell!
    Miley follows Nicki on the gram 👀
    CB is one confused mfcker.. I’ve got second hand embarrassment for him and Amika cause he can’t make up his mind- he posts Amika one day and the next he’s posting his old videos of Kae! like damn Chris, let it go! And Amika girl.. leave that man, you ain’t never gonna measure up to Kae

  5. I do believe Lamar is being controlled because he can’t even take pictures without his “fiancé” being in them.
    Floyd going broke does not surprise me he spends way too much on unnecessary shit and plus all them kids and baby mamas gets expensive.

  6. Praying that Lamar see’s through jezebel
    Chris I’m done poor Amnex thought having a baby with him was gonna work

  7. Kaerruche isn’t thinking about Chris. He needs to move around. But it is tragic for that Ammika chic. She had a baby for a man who never claimed her as his woman and can’t get past a ex from several years ago…tragic indeed.

    Rhianna better watch it. Somebody isn’t feeling how successful her other ventures are doing, hence the little lawsuit. Somebody may try to sabotage , the other ventures, in order for her to push out that album… Ijs.

    Poor Lamar. Hope he can get out of it.

  8. Lamar daughter needs to interfere every time. He looks like a lil kid with his fiance and she looks evil.

    Khloe just help him one last time please lol jk

      1. And get the breaks beat off of her? Ain’t no way Khloe stepping to that lady and having a successful outcome.

  9. Fenty Savage subscription allows you to wave the fee IF you say you want to skip the month within the 1st of the month to the 5th of the month. That’s pretty good for a subscription.. to at least give you the option. Most don’t.

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