October 4, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/15/20

  1. Not shocked @ Lizzo. Ppl be tryna play Lizzo for her weight but ignore that she has a very beautiful face and vibrant personality. Most men would fuck big girls too. Get in they bag sis!!!

    1. That’s why they really mad. Even with her being big she’s no where near ugly and very talented. That’s more depth than most of her haters have right there. Most of them probably been cheated on by a man with a girl that looks like her 😂😂

  2. Welp, Keyshia 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Lizzo… gurl!

    G, I legit wanna cry because I remember you telling us that Ghost was getting a spinoff but now he’s gone. I was soooo hurt! I keep trying to find loops and something pointing to him not really being dead and in some witness protection, but it ain’t seeming like it. 😥😥 I know I need to let it go. 🤣🤣 I will NOT be watching the knockoff shows tho.

    1. I was wondering wat was going on with Keyshia and that chik cause ion really kno her like i kno Keyshia😩 but when i read Keyshia poster “GIRL STFU” that shit was hella funny to me cause Keyshia is so mean seems like!

      Lizzo got them big ass clappas out again flapping around like no other 😂😂

      Chile for wateva reason i STILL think Ghost is alive 🥴

  3. Joie gonna regret being comfortable being a side piece. Ew i don’t see how women just let men with $$ control them smh

  4. Keyshia is miserable. I unfollowed her on IG I can feel the negative energy through my phone. WhyJoie, She is way badder than Lori to me.

  5. Gambling is an expensive habit and with the outrages spending, I’m not surprised Floyd finances isn’t solid!

  6. That’s funny you said that about joie she been posting alot lately since future and lori made it ig official.

    Yeah the way lori walked off was suspect. What show is she about to be on?

  7. Mya still got it going on. If you go to Rico A more’ space it appears that he has a thing for Mya. I don’t know if it’s mutual but he’s definitely feeling her.

    Lizzo Live your life! I don’t judge anyone but it just appears that she’s showing back shots and thangs to cover up her insecurities. Slim or thick, you should still have some self respect.

    Lori Harvey please understand that you are a horrible actor. That whole staged bootlegged carjacking was a fake mess. Joi does seem a lil slow and sneaky so Lori better watch out.

    Keyshia Cole has a nasty attitude. She comes off as if she’s better than and more talented than anyone else. Her and her young Bae ain’t gonna make it. Child or not. She wants someone she can control and look down on. I don’t blame Kehlani. It ain’t worth the headache.

  8. Keyshia been a hater and always seems to have this attitude like she better than everyone- girl you aint all that chill!

    Lori could’ve at least tried to be a bit more convincing with her acting cause chile that show she put on at that parking lot ain’t it!

    I used to like Joie cause she was always so lowkey and unproblematic, now I just have no respect for her at all! Is the lifestyle really worth your self worth ??

  9. Lizzo is very attractive, but I am tired of seeing back shots, really her and Megan. Joie is too pretty to be playing around with Future. Mya song is nice, though. This could have been a career resurgence for Keyshia, smh

  10. Mya was a beautiful (even if fake) bride. I thought KC had outgrown that nasty attitude (when Jeezy used to bring her to his hometown she was so stuck up/ Jeannie is much more down to earth). Lizzo is pretty and talented but over the top. I’m guessing she’s gonna pull a Lady Gaga sand eventually calm down with all her ass out everywhere. Floyd is an embarrassment- not being able to read is not an excuse to blow through all that money. Some of the bafoonery he purchased- I’m sure the people selling to him are laughing. I still think the Lori and Future show is mostly a PR thing- she gets more attention and he gets more focus on that relationship than him neglecting the 20 new babies he made last year. Joie is gorgeous but she doesn’t really have a name for herself outside of her exes.

  11. Wait a Damn minute you mean to tell me Joie that Got Damn Stupid to play side piece baby momma? Oh hell no! No Wayyyyyy, Why, so she has a baby you and your son can’t be seen with the father she gotta bow down because of Lori? She is a Soecial kind of Stupidddddd if this is accurate! She need to put that azz on child support and live her life! OMG low self esteem is a MFER! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t comment on the other topics this right here has took me completely. Sad

  12. I really like keyshia Cole. I still listen to all of her old music. What really happen to keyshia music career. She was hot and then she got marry its was never the same. We need a story about keyshia down fall. Part 1,2,and 3. Now 50 know that Ciara husband was not about to let that happen. 50 still mad at floyd. I cant remember what happen between them. 50 and Floyd were friends and now they hate each other. 50 is really doing good for himself. 50 is still messy but he is trying to makeup with most of his ex girlfriends. I really want to know why 50 was on the queen radio, what was that really about. Why NM and 50 acting like besties. I never thought these two talk to each like that. NM better think before she get to close to 50. He will troll her for life if they fell out. Just saying. Lizzo girl you better get the d while she can. I love lizzo she is beautiful young lady.🙂

  13. Y’all really think he still messing around with JOIE and flaunting Lori around in public while she at home working out and selling waist trainers… 😩

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