October 2, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/1/19

  1. Wait what
    I thought hailey and Justin were solid
    Who else’s marriage isn’t gonna last
    Karaoke is gonna be pregnant by who victor?
    Is amber gonna marry her baby daddy
    Is privonka and nick solid?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. G, can we get a Reality how segment? I have dark vibes from some of their behavior on camera. Something was off about Nene and Greg..

  2. Ok ok I thought I was seeing things when I saw a pic of the wade family and the son was dressed Feminine so thank you I’m not crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😬

  3. I thought that Oprah would just send them folks to tell kid rock to shut up but he actually gonna get a response from her? That’s wild.

    Aww karrueche i really want her to have a happy ever after. I hope Vic has shaped up and realized she’s a gem. Hell Chris on his 2nd child with another woman that looks like karrueche, Kae deserves her happiness. I wonder if Ammika getting knocked up is what sparked karrueche possibly deciding its time to get pregnant 👀 in some weird way. Either way happy for her ❤️

  4. I can actually see Theresa yachting 😬😬. If the money gets real tight, I can see this.

    Karruche hold your ovaries girl. The jury is still out on Victor. Too many rumors swirling about him cheating and possibly having a side baby. You escaped from Chris with no ties. Don’t tether yourself to someone who may not be that much better 💁.

  5. Dame, we already know Sean is an opportunist. We know you both dated Aaliyah, and we know you you had Rachel Roy had one of your daughters around you dating Aaliyah.

  6. The Dolls threw me off with the reunion performance. Nicole ain’t the whole time obviously cause all their hits all focused on her but they played a shirt snippet of a new song and it still sounded Nicole heavy smh. They gotta her in together cause they already a little rusty but I’m interested to see how the dynamic will work this time. Melody said she didn’t want to come back and basically be a background singer and dancer again but if she was smart she could’ve used the opportunity to collect some coins and gain a bigger fan base to introduce her music to because who is checking for her solo? Any of them?

  7. Kae did move to NY and Victor lives there or New Jersey so that makes since. Clownery at its finest, but congrats to her. Melody should have did the reunion for the Pussycat Dolls, her voice is beautiful and so is she. But maybe she’s over the industry.

  8. Theresa is UGLY AND FUNNY LOOKING and she’s OLD…!!! I want to know who wants her old Ass with her loose goose…….

  9. Oprah is wicked man ..how much more control she want. She wants to own the world but NOT her man. 😈😈😈😒🗣girlbye ! Marry Stedman & sit down somewhere.

  10. Ok so….. this whole thing with Dwayne wade n his son is quite uncomfortable for me IM SORRY.

    I love and embrace my 🏳️‍🌈 community 100% and I have a sibling who is gay so I also defend them 10 toes down I LOVE ALL!

    But when it comes to children I CANNOT ACCEPT IT. That’s just TOOOOOOO much and too young in my eyes! I cannot and will NOT accept it and it upsets me cause KIDS GO THRU PHASES and they’re still in a immature kid state of mind. It’s just….. NOT RIGHT. 😔😔😩😩

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