October 2, 2022

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75 thoughts on “G is Back and I want Energy :) Hot Takes 12/3/19

  1. G!!!!!!!!!! Yes ma’am, it’s great to see you back.
    I think it’s good Lauren hasn’t made anything public, it hasn’t been a full year yet.
    Looks to me like Rih is back on her bs lol!
    Offset and Cardi, I think she loves him but he is not gone act right.
    Britney….. lord, I feel so bad for Britney

  2. Welcome home my G❤️ Offcheat out here making Cardi look dumb. Star Brim pregnant and fighting for Cardi online. Smh the ghetto…

  3. Lauren was doing her before Nipsey passed and I heard she’s around his homeboys a lot .. yes she loves chocolate bookie

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