October 4, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes Black Friday Edition

    1. You know he’s going to use this as a reason to cheat on her again because he feels disrespected by her bringing it up. He’s such a jerk/

      1. Mmm Hmm smh Oh but he Dnt need no reason; Him being “ t.i” is reason enough for him 😒😒 Head ass….

  1. Oooo I would love more tea from the royal family. Meghan is shaking shit up, Prince Andrew’s trifling ass is coming to light, Kate is getting ready to become queen 👀👀👀

  2. I don’t like Kate and never did. Also I watched all three seasons of the crown on Netflix and they always had some shit going on in the Royal family.

  3. Stephanie seems like she would have have have some great old school 80’s tea to spill!!! I need her to write a juicy tell all book

    1. I’m sure she do but i think G said some things about her in one of the posts from a while back, not sure which one it was tho. i love Stephanie songs..she can most definitely sing. I Feel Good is one of my favs!!

  4. I don’t think French is Mkd. He is probably doped up. The Elites don’t need to Mk him if he is busy getting high. Their probably thinking “no one will believe him anyway, he’s a druggie.”

    Kimbella just love that life huh? She would rather be a whore, than to scale back her lifestyle, live within her means, and pick up a reasonable/decent a trade. Pathetic.

    1. That’s what im saying about kimbella she let time by past her being a stay home gf like what the hell. I’m sure she had a few thousands for her to be doing something else different she been around a while

  5. Someone spoke on twitter about Rasheeda & Kirk saying that her mother allowed Kirk to legally adopt Rasheeda so they can be together while he built her career. Is there truth to that?

      1. I think she is right. Nell Carter was a pretty famous Broadway actress and singer before she landed Gimme a Break. She starred in the musical HAIR for a LOOONGGG time and also starred in the movie
        adaption of HAIR. (Its one of my all time favorite movies, that’s why I know)

  6. I wana know more about Kimbella, Chrissy and Emily B. All the original people from L&HH NY.

    Fabulous has been showing Emily so much love. G called it, it took Emily stepping out to make him step up.

    TI gets on my nerves. Idk how Tiny keeps letting him embarrass her like that

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