October 5, 2022

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86 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood : Hold On To Your Seats

  1. That pic of the 3 of them has me SPEECHLESS 😳🤭 meaning Lauren Diddy and Nip 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ it seems very very off … why would Diddy be in the middle of them like that!! Holly~Weird!

      1. I always thought that pic was odd and when that video first appeared it looked like a straight argument both parties of course denied it

  2. My my, tbh I can’t quite say that I’m shocked. It also was not quite a secret that Nip and his bm weren’t exactly done with each other. That I had heard from multiple in the L.A scene and hell she said it herself. Sounds legit

    1. I have respect for his bm she even said I can say more but I’m not smh…people think just because she live a certain life lauren was the one. But people in ig comments a couple years ago kept saying him and his bm never really broke up.

  3. I’ve been waiting on this tea every since Nip was killed cause i just Knew something wasn’t right! This tea right here hunty is pipping hot burning tf outa my mouth fucking up my gums n shit😩😂😂😂

  4. I felt like something was off with his death, with them, the pics taken right before he passed ( her on the horse and him beside it in the middle of rhe street). This makes so much sense.

  5. Is this why we never see nips bro and lauren together in any pics? I mean it like they dont even bother to acknowledge one another but she is cool with their sis. 😩😢

    1. The sis just don’t like his bm so she trying to do anything to push them bm buttons. And i see she has her daughter after all the bs

      1. She doesnt “have her daughter”. Shes just posting her more often. Baby girl still doesnt live with her

  6. I’m not surprised! All that tea adds up big time … I wanna know why Jay and B went to the funeral and sat way back there in silence. Why not next to Lauren, idk it looked sketchy. Also that big ass funeral as if he was MJ. Nip was know in LA big time, like Joe Budden in NY. But to have that big funeral not disrespect but I find that so sketchy.

    1. Why would they be next to Lauren? That’s not her family. I think sitting next to her would’ve been even more suspicious.

      1. True, they bring a suspicious vibe no matter where they go or sit …. they were all heeheeing and invited to the rocafella dinner that’s why I also thought that. As if bey and jay didn’t know what was about to go down. That’s cray!!!

    2. Now’s death was an industry sacrifice.

      The reason that funeral was so big was so that when it came time to sell his apparel and things related to him they could make millions off of his death. And that’s exactly what they’re doing now. That funeral was probably paid for by Atlantic Records. They wanted to continue their investment. And as we can see, Nip was worth more to them dead than alive. It’s really sick how this industry works.

      I’m glad I’m learning more and more every day. There’s a guy on YouTube that breaks it down really good if you want his link. He breaks down a lot of things but he has quite a few videos on the whole Nipsey situation.


      1. Oh I saw that video, he breaks it very much down! Thank you, makes sense that Atlantic paid for it …. but damn that’s sad smh.

  7. I can’t say I’m surprised! Lauren’s relationship with Cassie seems quite different to her relationship with Malika and Khadijah and honestly I don’t blame Lauren, you can only take so much cheating and hell if my man was cheating I’d be cheating right back and Lauren doesn’t come across the type to stay home and sulk while her man is out cheating!

    Nips relationship with Diddy was always so strange, that vid they recorded with Diddy asking Nip about being from LA was just really weird- diddy’s questions just seemed so ingenuine! And lets be clear Nip is no dummy either! Nip and Lauren’s relationship always seemed a bit volatile especially with the BM popping into the pic every opportunity she finds to announce to the world she’s still fuckkng him 😒! That big bust up was when they both announced on Twitter that they were done but ended up back together months later! I guess we’ll wait and see how LL’s career goes in the next few months/ years 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Sounds believable. I remember when her and Cassie were hanging alot and had those ads for SeanJohn. Also makes me wonder if she played a part in coercing Nipsy to be “down” and “go mainstream” so to speak in order to up their profiles (mostly HERS). He’d always been low key until not long before he passed. It makes more sense now, especially knowing she’s allegedly that close to puffy smh. Very disappointing.

  9. No one is perfect but damn… I’m just mad Nip is gone for some bullshit I fell sorry for his kids especially his daughter 🙏🏾🖤

    1. Nip was going to die regardless. Gangstas whose killed people don’t go to Heaven. Its not no conspiracy, it’s just life. It takes a lot for God to forgive bloodshed and nip was still living foul. Just cuz he did a couple of nice things for the community doesn’t mean his soul was clean.

      1. You don’t know if that man killed people. Don’t do that. How would you feel if somebody said yo ass going to hell for the shit you’re doing? You don’t know that man’s life that’s not even remotely funny

  10. To me it seems Nipsey feels sorry for lauren and became her protector. Look at how lauren be looking at him on pictures like she a lost lil girl. And that pic with all 3 of them Nipsey is the outcast…of course lauren gone be more loyal to Diddy.

      1. Yup I saw that picture!!! That’s what I’m saying those big artist like Jay, bey, and Diddy prob knew what was gonna happen soon that’s why Lauren looked all scared. Looking more loyal to them than Nip. While they smiling in nip face like it’s all good. Fakes and snakes man.

    1. I know I keep commenting but as im learning more about who people are alot are people are together because one feel sorry for the other….sometimes its mot true love or genuine,

  11. The 3somes with Cassie no shocked. I don’t think Lauren set up Nipsey she doesn’t come off as ruthless…

    Wtf does ENIKO do? She seemed “over it” In the TMZ video in regards to Kevin Hart

  12. Seeeee I knew something was up with this whole ordeal !!! And I’ve been hearing for years how Lauren got down with Cassie and Diddy. Smmfh!!!

    1. I never heard it but always wondered how they were so close like how they friendship started. Cuz lauren to me after she got pregnant by wayne i was in 8th grade i never looked at her the same only man that was hers that nobody in the industry had was Nipsey soo…

    2. I heard that only bc she was up and down with them all the time in parties and clubs. Literally always pictured with Cassie. But I thought they was just besties and being the third wheel. Me being young, but it makes sense now cus u know ain’t no third wheeling without benefits in the industry.

  13. That girl in the pic..Is she the same one rolling around in the car w/nip during one of his & Lauren’s breaks?

  14. Whewwww chile. Watch some mo shit finna come out!!! She living her best life now…she did not give a fuck about Nip!

  15. Whew, Heav! This is just the beginning of how she ties into his death. As soon as the news of his death broke I was suspicious. The Roc brunch, that photo shoot, and the funeral basically summed it up for me. I can’t wait to read more! Bring it on, Heav.

  16. This makes me a feel a certain way…cause I love Nip! Smh it makes me look at things so different now. I still don’t think he was down with all that stuff…he was surrounded by it.

    1. I just rejoined myself and noticed a lot of changes. To view Haven’s blog its an additional $7 otherwise it’s restricted viewing.

  17. You never know
    Nip probably knew all the tea about Lauren’s thotfile and fucked with her for whatever reason(like his brand) and that’s she is pretty and all the guys wanted her since his bm didn’t have “the look”

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