October 5, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 12/24/18 Beyonce, Jay-z, Travis Scott, Miley Cyrus

  1. Unrelated, but what’s up with Jay Z linking up with meek and even giving him a chain “off his neck” . Is there a secret agenda on Jay’s part ?

    Why does Liam stay with Miley? Someone as good looking as him can surely pull any bitch he wants so is he there for the money?

    1. Oh no! Liam don’t need no money! He is a bloodline legacy. If Miley go on and marry Liam she is straight!!! Trust me on this one! 😂

  2. Yeah because Liam is a Kennedy and as one of those members of that family, you can’t be trash walking around all out of order..he loved her and didn’t kno why she was going off like that..like oh, Liam, hun..you ain’t kno??? She poppin pills and getting that black D while making “hood” music and “getting out” from under that cute lil Disney image (but really doing what satanic Disney loves to see)…..in this photo if you blow it up, she looks sad that she gotta return back to whiteness and leave her BBC alone…she kno that she blew it the 1st time around with Liam and after this chance, there is nothing else so she gon play the game!!😂

    1. Liam Hemsworth is Austrialian and no relation to the Kennedy’s. I think your getting him confused with Miley’s Ex-Bf Patrick Schwarzenegger (His mom is a Kennedy)

      1. Ooooooooooo you’re so right!!!!! My bad for the mistake…either way she knew it was her last chance with him to get it right and go back to her original look and personality because homeboy was surely pissed off she was fuckin with Mike Will Made It!!

  3. Travis just may have grew up in the wrong areas because where I’m from he looks similar to a lot of brown men that had a heap of women “baddies” and they don’t even have half the money he has.

    Jay-Z and bey keeping they’re name alive i see. Yeah she should go for a fourth use your time wisely Giselle. But jay just need to keep telling meek what to do and that’s it.

  4. It’s ironic everything the Carters say they’re above doing like reality stars that pull stunts, they do the EXACT same thing. It’s like they are scared someone will forget them if they take a break

    I wonder if Kim K will use her other embryo too?

    Jay needs to let these rappers be. Especially one that’s self-hating like Travis who ultimately is trying to reach the top of whatever the fame & fortune affords him

    It’s one thing to give advice & provide mentorship, but it’s another talking ppl into Tidal, out of doing the super Bowl etc. I think for the artists there’s some decisions they need to make independently & deal with the consequences

    & I still wouldn’t be surprised if Cardi B still ends up on that SB stage too. The ones that are new self-hating artists are fame hungry & don’t care about the Colin K stuff or even 45 if they can still benefit financially.

    Jay I still feel is being a hypocrite. 1) he was in negotiations first for the SB, then that fell through. 2) wants folks to boycott the NFL but he’s seen at the LA Rams games bc he has NFL players on Roc Nation sports. Its as if if he’s not the one benefitting, he tries to either make sure nobody else does or basically is a hypocrite, bc he always gets something out of it on the back end

    Honestly I think Liam’s career really isn’t popping like his brother so he’ll be latched onto Miley for as long as possible. He could probably settle with a non-famous small town girl but I think he enjoys the lifestyle that Miley’s money & status affords him

    1. Jay z was offered and turned down the super bowl. He rapped about it in one of his recent songs.His wife performed twice, but that was before Colin Kaepernick took a knee. That’s why a lot black performers are backing out and not only that, they have to pay to perform. I believe he’s telling Travis to back out to help him bc once he does it, he may be trashed and some black people may stop buying his music bc the black dollar is very powerful. Everybody in the industry pulls stunts. Nobody is gonna forget Beyoncé. Everything she does is for her fans.

      1. No three times. Bey performed with Destiny’s Child I believe. With Bruno and my lil big brother Prince aka Wrecka Stow💜💜💜💜💜

  5. Definitely see B & J having another baby. It being their 4th together would create buzz since the number 4 seems to be their theme.

  6. That always seems to be a lot of black men excuses for dissing black women, black people, etc. I was bullied by them growing up -_- other races bully each other but never disown their own -_- and I’m sorry but it’s always the ugly brothers that wanna do the public disowning. Travis is very ugly he just an ugly man with money like jay z. He just getting cocky cause he done snatched a Kardashian.

  7. Travis needs to STOP. You are Black my brother get over it. And yes many don’t find you attractive, but that doesn’t stop you from being Black. Just because the chics in your surrounding area didn’t find you handsome doesn’t mean that a sista from another area will think you aren’t cute.

  8. I wonder if Liam has stopped his cheating like Miley has. Travis Scott looks like one of those people that will always put money before anything else. I think this decision is all him and none of the Jendashians or Kanye have anything to do with it. He won’t listen to Kylie unless she can get him to see that it will stop her AND his bag.

  9. Beyoncé is already pregnant.
    They don’t even pay people to perform so really this shouldn’t be that hard

  10. Definitely noticed the same day Cardi’s “Money” video dropped, Giselle (uncharacteristicly) posted a bunch of pics on IG for no apparent reason. Jay is out partying with Meek and Fab, taking pics with influencers and fans…
    Folks out here fighting to keep the image alive

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