September 30, 2022

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30 thoughts on “6/6/2019 Sugar Cubes The Sugar Behind Today’s Top Stories

  1. Yeah G Giselle strikes again with that silent passive aggressive insecure b.s. again and this woman life is getting threatened over nothing smdh….I pray for this woman.
    Im happy 50 is finally in a relationship and I hope this works out for my ♋ brother.

  2. That’s so wrong for Giselle not to say something, poor woman! You know she low key loves that the beyhive is that crazy! SMH also how is that not embarrassing to them?!

  3. That is pathetic don’t nobody want Jay Z camel face ass but Beyonce this is crazy.. Got this woman disabling her instagram over some BS smmfh.. Hold up 50 with a sister, now that’s the real tea..

  4. If she’s the wife of the owner why is she offering them drinks like she’s the help? Nah, that heffa wanted some attention and she got it. I am not even a Beyoncé or Jay fan but I know that she had better things to do than to get them refreshments.

    1. LMDAO I think they were her guests.. She had invited them to the game.. But either way as a guests seems like Beyonce was not even wanting to be there.. She is the wife of the owner of the Warriors, it’s a video circulating of her asking them what they wanted you can see Jay-z looking like he says vodka and something..

  5. Yeah because Giselle can tell a bunch of grown adults, who know better (but still don’t care), what to do… tbh i would have the same look if someone was talking over me, that ish is rude as hell to me, regardless of conversation (as you can see with Jay-Z’s face in 2014) and Travis Kelce is yummy 😋

  6. I wonder what will happen after this with them (Jay Z, and the owner of the warriors due to their wives).

    1. They will probably make them buy their own drinks since apparently you cant touch or bend over Beyonce to ask such things..LOL

  7. I went to high school with Travis that boy been had jungle fever his WHOLE LIFE 🤣😩

  8. Funny how you post this bout Giselle and her “publicist” makes a statement to the beyhive. She’s still a coward in my opinion.

  9. Beyoncé did the same thing to Kim act as if somebody was bothering her and she ain’t want to be there at Kanye show. Now fast forward years later she did the same thing to another women making faces and nudging like she don’t want to be there. Even post the video on her pg with Nichole cropped out. But she posted Kim and north on her pg when she got back lash from that. But now her publicist speak when the women supposed to be about women empowerment smh. It ain’t her fault your husband has a wondering penis. Any other time bey sit back now all of a sudden the lady had to peak around bey lol bey is a bully and always have been especially with her facial expressions.

  10. I disagree with the Way 50 handled this!! First of all just bc he’s a celebrity doesn’t give anyone the right to approach you “to look at his Instagram”
    Are you serious?? I actually think he handled this better than I thought he should! Oh boy was ready and waiting with a nigga with a camera! These niggas want recognition for nothing?? And now getting all these followers for disturbing someone who was clearly minding their business. No matter how you feel about 50 right is right and wrong is wrong!

  11. I really hate to say this but… 50 was right. That dude’s approach was way wrong. You don’t run up on somebody trying to impose yourself on them, especially in an entitled manner under the guise that you’re humble and determined. Nah. Gtfoh.

  12. Yeah Beyoncè could kill a lot of shit if she wanted to but she like the attention the Beyhive gives her ass. She rather someone kill themselves from being bullied then to stop this nonsense. And…the grown ppl who help bully these ppl are just as bad if not worse. I’ve been over her.

  13. Beyonce knows better and can stop that foolishness with one direct post, not one from her publicist. Several celebrities with a massive following love their fans attacking others but these fans need to stop being foolish.

  14. When I saw the video it didn’t look like much. Beyonce didn’t look annoyed. It has to be tiring to not be able to make a body movement without it being criticized

  15. The swirlers saw dude likes black girls and started throwing themselves at him, it’s thirsty and cringey..🤦🏾‍♀️

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