October 6, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Hoe Tails: The Industry Knew About Them But You May Not Have Known

  1. Remember when Birdman was on Basketball Wives Miami? Evelyn was promoting a book deal with a photo shoot but that’s the last we heard of it. Birdman and his older brother was giving her the sexual eye. Did she get the deal? If so she spent it all on hand bags lol.

  2. I remember Evelyn and that book I told it was birdman and his brother.
    I remember offset and Amber together ppl was all under Cardi pic telling her (they jus came out that they was dating) Cardi said a hoe gonna do what a hoe gonna do

  3. The 3rd Kardashian would be Chyna, he said that on the Wendy show while she was dating Rob…when she had the potential of being a kardashian lol

    1. I remember reading a book by I think Nas’ ex maybe..but she said that Jay Z’s peen was the same size of a 2 liter bottle of soda. 😯

  4. Heard Ciara and CB’s fling was right after they did that BET performance. Pretty sure he was still underage.

  5. I think I remember hearing about Denzel refusing to do any romantic scenes with Julia because he didn’t want alienate his audience (Black women) and didn’t want to promote the interracial narrative. Which I dob’t blame him, especially now that I know Julia’s a racist.

  6. I saw Jay and Tracey at the 40/40 club when ne-yo was first coming out. We were all in a room upstairs. Giselle was there and she was giving Jay the eye n much tude. I guess she knew something was going on between them. This had to be in 05 or 06.

  7. The Game went on Wendy show and said it was akin, Khloe and Blac Chyna (when she was with rob) so she was a soon to be Kardashian

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