August 15, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The First Night of “Surviving R. Kelly”

  1. I’m sorry but sparkle had me pissed off because she knew of his reputation with young girls and she basically handed her niece over like a steak on a platter!! Smh and sorry Aaliyah’s mom is holding a lot of secrets! Thanks G for insight on this💪🏾💯

      1. To play Devil’s Advocate, I can understand her stance if the girl’s parents were condoning it. I have an aunt that would pimp her daughters out. After moving to another state, she sent her daughters to visit her sister. While there, their “godfather” planned to pick em up to take em shopping. He showed up damn near 11pm and their aunt refused to let them go because she’s like what mall y’all going to at that time of night?! When their mom caught wind, she cursed her sister out for “insulting her friend” and her daughters left and didn’t speak to their aunt for years. At that point, what can you say or do?

  2. I’m a rape victim myself I can’t point the finger at him so much because these young ladies stayed around for years and didn’t say anything. I feel like since the money is running low they want to talk especially his wife . When she was doing her own show with Wives of Hollywood that could’ve been her platform then to talk about her situation. Sparkle knew what R.Kelly was all about inside the music industry with him Aaliyah. Straight distraction!! Wake up 🤨

    1. I don’t know….I mean. We are talking about teenage girls being manipulated by a master. Half of these grown women are being manipulated right now and not helping themselves. Some of them get paid and some of them are threatened and blackmailed. I’ve heard about him SMH he should be under the jail

  3. Thanks G I haven’t even seen it surviving rkelly seen a lot of information on internet. I think everyone should be held accountable. Point blank!! Mom dad cousin sister friend ….and list go on🤨

  4. Agree about Aaliyah’s mother!…I feel like the parents of the girls should have been interviewed as well, like where did they think their daughters were at? G, can you give background on the executive producer dream Hampton? Why is she airing out people who didn’t want to be involved?

  5. What I gathered from #SurvivingRKelly is that he got mileated numerous times as a kid for years. He got introduced to sex which in return gave him a sex drive that he began to feed. I honestly believe he’s bisexual because he was milested by a man and a woman so he was introduced to feelings from both sexes. He’s a sick individual who has mental illnesses and if you really want to know how deep they go pay attention to his old music teacher. She even said she told him his lyrics were inappropriate for school as well as anywhere else. He was gone at an early age and no one seemed help for him. Hurt people hurt people and that’s exactly what he did. He’s also a narcissist. Everything they described about him is characteristics of one. He did everything they said and then some. R. Kelly’s support system failed him just as all the victims support systems failed them. It’s a lose/lose situation.

    1. You should the truth 💯💯 and straight up facts. . They all were failed and their all in need of mental help and whatever their taking part & participating lead them for breaking the law is called accepting accountability for your wrong..

    1. She knew, that’s why she never wanted her to be alone with him. I think she felt a certain kind of way when her career didn’t go any further. She can g.t.f. because she is also to blame for her niece’s loss of innocence…

    2. I totally agree that’s what she did. She knew what Robert liked. She dressed that baby up and hand delivered her. Pimped that baby out.

  6. All these adults, who saw things and remained complicit are feeling guilty. Sparkle really thought her niece would be immune to R Kelly’s manipulation and sexual abuse because she had been with him for so long as a backup singer. His older brother being confused while “we” are mad at his preference for young girls really pissed me TF OFF!!! Aaliyah’s mother needs to fall back because the tour manager/personal assistant made it clear her parents entrusted them with their daughter. So this narrative of her being around all the time is a downright lie.

  7. Even the music teacher made me cringe, especially when she laughed about his music being “aggressive.” The tour manager was totally complicit and knew when R Kelly said, “no” he was lying and still did nothing….even helped forge documents for the marriage license to keep his check coming. I’ve only watched the first episode and Kelly, by all accounts, seems to be a sexual predator with arrested development which happens after childhood trauma; however, all the bystanders contributed. No way Aaliyah was not in one of the bunks on the tour bus (with everyone else) and no one suspected foul play until bursting into the private bedroom and catching them in the act.

    1. It’s the love of MONEY💰, because we do need it to live so it’s the love of it that drive ppl to do ANYTHING for it…

  8. “G” I went on a rant about the very same thing you are pointing out, all of y’all were around and no one said anything…. like come on. And Sparkle needs to shut the fuck up because you knew he liked under age girls and u brought your niece directly to him. I do not condone any of R.Kelly”s behavior but come on somebody should of spoke up. PERIOD.

  9. That backup dancer who spoke about Robert.(the one who caught R and Aaliyah in bed on the bus)..her eyes were so sad and troubled. I believe she was also one of Roberts victims and just doesn’t want to say it

  10. Sparkle needs to have a seat. She handed R what she knew he liked. On a petty note: that tarana me-too woman is a special kind of oooogly.

  11. His celebrity status allowed him to get away with it. I mean the adults around him were star struck as well to blinded to see what went on in front them. They wanted to be in with him even if it meant letting him do this

  12. G!!! Where’s the R.Kelly article about when the tape came out. I want to read it again because I think you said Barry Hankerson allegedly sent the tapes in.

  13. R is a pedo and this all will eventually catch up to him. but everyone one who was around are fakes and we’re out for the dollar. I’m tired of seeing thee fakes wiping tears

  14. Robert needed therapy a long time ago. With being molested at such a young age and everyone ignoring calls for help. Once he was famous and making money add on it regardless of his actions he’s handsome and these women say he could be charming he was able to attract any and everybody. No way an underage girl is running the streets and her parents don’t know or ask anything. His money and celebrity blinded everyone including the parents. We have been hearing the stories for years!!!!!!! The moment it cand out he was married to Aaliyah that’s when he should’ve been canceled. From that moment on everyone should’ve been moving around him with caution. He is talented but he is also troubled and needs to be off the streets. It’s clear he feels untouchable and everybody can be touched

  15. I’m a little disappointed at the fact that only a select few are being exposed. G if you say the industry is full of pedophiles why not everyone be exposed? Its heartening to know the industry is about money, fame, sex and more sex and children are involved.

  16. I think Aaliyah’s mother doesn’t want to publicly admit the truth because she would also have to admit that she and her husband basically allowed their daughter to be taken advantage of. They weren’t around to protect and guide her for whatever reason and their daughter suffered as a result. I’m sure that’s a hard thing to be tried in the court of public opinion for. It wasn’t Aaliyah’s fault, it was her parent’s. And, I think they didn’t sue because of they would have had to admit it happened and they felt it would tarnish her image (and their reputation).

  17. He is a victim that became a predator. Sometimes that is how it goes down. And yea he is just as guilty as the people that violated him. Even though we KNOW he is pedophile. Having the story told like this does make people cringe. It was hard man. And YES all those working with are basically accomplices in the criminal activity.

  18. This has to be one of the most disturbing things I’ve watched. And even more disturbing, to me, is that i know someone just like him. Most of the people on this page probably do. That scares the hell out of me. We HAVE to be vigilant in parenting and protecting our children, looking out for our friends, and making good choices for ourselves. This hits close to home, but praise God for survival and His Grace.

  19. He is a sick person. He trolls at the high school looking for girls. A whole grown man! Multiple lawsuits and cases and he never changes his ways, that’s called compulsive! A minor cannot legally give consent to have sex, it’s statutory rape.

  20. I can appreciate this post! I always felt like a lot of people dragged Aaliyah for things she did, but ignored the fact that she was a child placed in the hands of a sick man.
    You do have to look at this from an adult standpoint. R. Kelly and her parents are to blame period!

  21. G is it true that the Haughtons are the ones who own R Kelly’s publishing rights? Tasha K said it on her livestream and if it is true makes sense why they are so insistent on denial

  22. If you ever noticed, no celebrities ever let their kids take pictures with R Kelly nor attend his shows etc…

  23. How many other women girls did they also help recruit into his lifestyle ? I believe they know one of the other girls is dead or missing and they want to point the blame before the truth comes out about all their involvement in that lifestyle smdh !

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