August 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Aaliyah Being Harassed in the Industry While Still Underaged

  1. Every time jay z name is mentioned I just laugh
    Idk I think the meme’s on ig just made him even more of a joke😂

  2. And I notice Ginuwine Missy Elliott Timbaland all the people that claimed they loved her not say shit… Dame spoke but he full of shit,

    1. I read somewhere all they asked was fighting over her. But they came after the whole R Kelly situation. Once she couldn’t work with him anymore, so stumbled upon them.

  3. G that documentary was so disturbing, the witness accounts everything was just crazy. The girl kitty admitted that in 2015 she was introduced to the same young lady from the tape ( sparkle niece) then he was telling ppl that certain women had been with him for 15 yrs, ughh it just made me sick as a parent. Aaliyah was preyed upon its just so disturbing his pattern of behavior went on for so long. Then the nerve of her parents to deny that shit is just mind boggling , I understand protecting her legacy but damn at what cost?

  4. I see Dame talking about how much he was upset when Jay decided to collaborate with R. Kelly, but his happy go lucky ass was dancing around in the fiesta music video like he was Diddy.

  5. I understand why all her attributes would make men fall in love. She’s beautiful, talented, probably was goofy, could make anyone smile. But these grown men who were in love with her disgust me because they had access to hundreds of beautiful women who were of age. Now I get R. Kelly he’s sick even though I’m not condoning it. But the other men what’s their excuse?

    1. Absolutely agree with you! These were grown as men who could’ve had anyone instead they knowingly went after a minor! i am so disturbed by these men and I can only imagine how uncomfortable Aaliyah may have been at times being around some of them (esp the unwanted attention)

  6. Ummmm Lets not forget Tank please.He did background vocals for Aaliyah’s come over song. I remember a video I saw years ago where Tank was ballin tears when he was speaking about her death. I was like dam Tank been out that long ?and why was he so distraught over her death?? it all went over my head till you mentioned the people that where in love with her

    1. It was said he was friends with her uncle and was around for a long time. So he knew her. So it would make sense.

  7. I fully saw Ginuwine under Tank’s post about R Kelly on Insta talking about “I concur!!!! King” these times he was piping or tryna pipe her down too?!? TF?•
    Listen, Kellz IS Guilty & A Sicko HOWEVER, these other motherf*ckers need to Pipe Down with the hypocrisy.•
    I REALLY want & can’t wait till Kellz releases his own docuseries/evidence, on YouTube or even ‘leak it’ exposing EVERY single last nasty ass, hypocrite, kid loving motherf*cker because too many of them walking around like f’n Teflon thinking they’re untouchable & will never get caught!


  8. Am I of the only mentality that when a young man can’t get a woman around his own age it is because he is whack, corny or something is off???

  9. Jay z started fucking with Foxy she was like 15! What about Diddy and Misa? When the had Their son he was 24 and she was 16 right? All of these men love to duck young girls!

  10. After watching previous interviews with him being questioned for his preference for teenage girls, RKelly clearly seems to see nothing wrong with his actions and he seems to have 2 personalities -Robert the person and RKelly the artist and it irks me the way he talks about Robert in the 3rd person almost as if Robert is separate from him. I think Robert is the version of him that is still stuck in his childhood/prepubescent time around/after the time of the abuse he himself faced, the version that really hasn’t grown up and is still trying to make up for the childhood lost and RKelly is the artist/the adult/the one who found fame and success etc etc.
    Not justifying his actions (bcz in my eyes nothing will ever justify what he did), this is a prime example of when the abused becomes the abuser, I just need him to come out and admit what he did

    1. What you are saying is very valid and likely true. Arrested development stemming from trauma. Not a good defense, but likely is the cause. Then you add major fame on top of it and “yes” people everywhere, no therapy or counseling either= Recipe for Robert Kelly.

  11. G, have you heard anything about Asante McGee from the documentary? Allegedly she providing false information about her relationship with him. And he’s supposedly ready to put her on blast for being a liar and participating in a documentary as if she suffered from the same abuse as the other women. Acting as if she was held against her will when In reality she was an adult in a consensual relationship who was capable of coming and going as she pleased. – Have you heard anything?

  12. I have always wondered what the “me too” movement was overshadowing. It seems like it was covering the rampant pedophilia privately condoned in the industry. There is a reason these men (and some women) pedophiles walk around with such bravado, and their b.s. is talked about DECADES later after the victims or the perpetrators’ deaths. Check out Heather O’Rourke’s story. I do not buy for one moment the “official story”.

    Plus child stars: Corey Feldman, RazB, Shirley Temple, Corey Haim, Eliza Dushku, Olsen Twins (allegedly & I truly believe), and countless others. No peace, no justice for these children. All to protect the sick interests of sexual predators who roam freely.

  13. I feel like all these men were obsessed more so for their ego. Men want the girl everyone else wants. Lori Harvey is the it girl now & she’s much younger then the men running behind her. It was Indya Love a couple of years ago (At 17!!!) Nobody crucified the Game after he turned her out. Instead they tried to holla…

  14. Jay also started noticing Bee before she was old enough for him 🤦🏽‍♀️ Wow I can’t believe these guys! She was only a child!

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