August 15, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Give It To You Straight Article #2

  1. Truth!!! I’m so mad that her music isn’t available to stream. I have CDs but hell, who remembers to take those to the damn car??? Smh..

    1. I agree with you and the sad thing is all of her music is on YouTube and youtube is easy to download from, so they aren’t making any money from him holding her music hostage.

  2. She dated Jayz First not second. Dame stole Aaliyah only yo string her along cu he was fuckin Rachel Roy. Dame never loved her he used her for fame and Jayz said nothing, Aaliyah never slept wit Ginuwine but they were very close, he wanted her but she didn’t feel the same way. Aaliyah dies Dame Marries Rachel then gets strung out on drugs then she leaves him right after The colleagues make Jayz DefJam CEO 👨🏽‍💼, then that made Jayz owner of Rockefeller again and Dame wit nothing.

    1. How do u know this? U can’t be over the age of 30. Google is ur friend….Dame did a interview. He didn’t steal her.

      1. I’m not sure what being over 30 has to do with the above statement, but a lot of what she’s saying is true. It’s very well known around the industry, and has been for years. G also has many threads on this site confirming that as well.

  3. Weeeeeeelll (I my R. Kelly church voice from the “Sermon” interlude on his 3rd album).

    O….Toni and Birdman and done.

  4. Listen, I loved Aaliyah but I see no lies. She. Was. Married!!!! Married! Of course she was fucking. Nobody called her a hoe. We know R Kelly ain’t shit. Damn

  5. With everything that’s come out about R Kelly with young girls no one believes they didn’t fuck. Second, because of everything that’s come out people would see your daughter as a victim of his not a hoe.

  6. She was a beautiful girl in the industry, it’s not hard to believe that she dated around. It’s not like non-famous girls her age don’t date around, it’s not an anomaly. I know you may not want to think of her like that, but we gotta be realistic. She seemed to be a sweet girl nonetheless.

  7. I’m sure they know what she was doing. They’re not stupid. Sadly none of this is bringing her back to them.

  8. They can not be serious. I don’t condone any of what happened about the marriage, but let’s be real, it’s 19 years later and she is now at peace nobody is going to look at her no kind of way (Well I’m not going to) she probably knew herself she made a mistake but that’s life you make mistakes. She still was a great Artisit and I still love her and her mistakes. I embrace them all!!! Please release the damn music…Thank you

  9. What’s done in the dark will come to the light. And her family covered up a lot of things.. it’s gonna come out and her family is gonna get looked at funny.. they knew what was going on.. and because the money was coming in they said nothing, until the heat was on.. It’s gonna come out.. they better have answer especially with this thing called Social Media

  10. is this some prelude to the new year greedy you you call it give it to you straight session, how ridiculous!! and questionable, like these people will ever read or see it, more like air my opinion session,(not that your blog is not already a 45% fan opinion based one) and give people more reason to talk. It is true what they say bloggers have the least dignity, morals and every respectable quality a human should have. IF IT IS OF NO DEEP NEED, NEVER SPEAK ILL OF THE DEAD, THEY DON’T GET TO DEFEND THEMSELVES,and your continous doing of it is just crazy. For a very judgemental blog you have un-righteous behaviours.

    1. That’s not speaking Ill of her. The marriage was real. The license is there… R Kelly is trash so u know he took advantage. If anything this could help put him behind bars. They should spin this w releasing more stuff.

  11. Honeyyyy listen!! Tell me why I was reading this and when you first mentioned her legacy I said out loud to myself “If they wanna protect her legacy tell her uncle to stop the BS and put her music on Spotify!” Lololol.

  12. I don’t think this is speak ill of the dead. To be honest in my opinion they are still trying to bury what lies heavy on their conscious.

  13. The pictures in matching outfits and awkward BET interview…the way she called him her “very best friend”…not to mention the fact that she originally would never admit her real age…it was CLEAR even to my 15 year old self that she was in love with him. And listen to his lyrics….R been telling people for years what he’s about/ of course he wasn’t just reading her bedtime stories..

  14. I JUST had a conversation about this with someone. They basically said the same thing you mentioned. My response, the family is ashamed and embarrassed by what happened to Aaliyah. The shame is more than likely on their part than on her(Aaliyah).
    Hindsight is sometimes the best sight. Looking back, I am pretty sure the guilt/regret of not protecting Aaliyah weighs on them. They knew she was screwing Dame and Jay. But it isn’t about those 2 because technically she was legal. It is ALL about the one who started it all…Robert Kelly.
    So in order, to “forget” Kells, the family ices EVERYTHING out. They probably don’t want the music to go any further because there will be a renewed curiosity amongst the young heads that never knew Aaliyah. They will start to dig up all they can find, and find the horrible secret.

  15. See, I was and STILL am a VERRRRRRY big fan of aaliyah! I def idolized her as a youngin (I was like 12-13 when she died) I used to do all her dance moves in front the TV n ALL. Even used to try to style my hair like hers and I just thought she was the most beautiful singer in the WORLD….. but as an adult IM NOT SURPRISED when I think of all the shit I used to read n see in the magazine n stuff so I AM SHOCKED cause I too wanted aaliyah to be the ANGEL of this industry but ALL THIS IS NOT HARD TO BELIEVE now that I’m an adult and KNOW BETTER lol

    I accept all SUGAR fresh n STALE 😂😂😂😂

  16. Love me somw Aaliyah but those of us in our 30s know the deal about her because we actually grew up in her era. I already have all of her music even some random unreleases but it pisses me off how they have iced her out of a whole generation having these youngins idolizing a false image.

  17. I respect you but being from that generation I feel you’re out of line. That was the past let it lie where it lays. What good does it bring, bringing up the past? Dragging her family on something that really isn’t our business? Aaliyah was around my age at that time and it was just a different time. I’m not saying R was right or wrong but it was definitely a different time to be alive. All her family is doing is preserving her legacy and her art. Her talent then and now was/were bigger bigger than RK.

    1. How is she out of line? If anything G is telling it like it is and the family needs to accept it. Not talking about it is not going to solve nor help these women. Getting the triuth out and putting his ass behind bars is what it is really all about.

  18. Her mom knows the deal, because in her rant not once did she threaten legal action. You went everywhere with her, but she had a marriage certificate, ok.

  19. I’m still trying to find the disrespect of anyone saying Aaliyah was doing what adolescent/young adult girls do. This industry and the people idolizing the famous are WEIRD. She was a person and did what normal people do. I think the purpose of pointing it out is so people don’t keep putting celebs on a damn pedestal. The media is manipulating everyone and making you think these celebs are magic. Nothing wrong with a blog trying to snap people out of it. Go somewhere else if you can’t handle it.

  20. I would like to hear more about the drug kingpins that invested in early hip hop and rap music both on east and west coast

  21. Damn Skippy!!! I remember when I went to Great Lakes and saw Aaliyah at O’Hare throwing her guts up in trash cans. Not to mentioned, almost got allured to that damn loft he had downtown. Me and a couple of shipmates damn sure went to that loft but never went inside.That shoe store that he got for the young girl parents who he was dealing with their daughter, they turned a blind eye on that.

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