September 26, 2022

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44 thoughts on “New Segment : “Give It To You Straight”

  1. Just because ppl look good together or look good on paper doesn’t mean its meant to be. Im rooting for them tho

  2. I heard the same tea G! What looks good on camera doesn’t translate to real life I’m afraid. These couples are for the flash!

  3. I know many people change for the better, but after being caught by his ex-fiancé and child’s mother

    sidebar: she was with him before the fame, helped put him through college, encouraged him to go back and try out again after the NFL originally told him “no” and everything.

    ….with dozens of side chicks, it’s a clear indicator of how he will eventually treat you. That type of disloyalty for someone who’s been down af is telling. He “allegedly” also has an inability to keep his hands to himself when he gets angry. Hoping for a great outcome for her, but the writings on the wall are screaming for her to run and not to look back.

  4. I kinda didn’t like her, I was a Rih Stan…. I was here for all the rice cake jokes… but watching her character on Claws made her grow on me lol. I hope she finds the man that she deserves.

  5. 😂😂😂😂 Maaaan G you so funny!! These celebs gonna block u.. you know they don’t want to hear the truth!!

    1. I am going to dm them or e-mail them and I will only do it once . I am going to let them know exactly what I heard

  6. Damn sis ain’t have no luck . Left one dude who cheated just to get with another dude who cheating Smdh ! Hopefully she leaves that ass but I doubt it.

  7. Yep, don’t know if she’s the IG model but definitely saw him dip out of a party in NYC with a pretty chocolate girl back in late October. It’s crazy how these celeb men move like eyes aren’t EVERYWHERE. Smh

  8. Let’s just talk about celebrities lol they have to much money for us to be helping out with their personal life that’s what therapy is for we don’t get paid for that

  9. I like Karruche ALOT….. she whole personality and all and she is BEAUTIFUL AF she deserves happiness!

  10. This is a great idea G happy that you’re using your inside scoop for good trying to help them out.

  11. Oh no, heard that rumor about a pregnant side chick and ignored. But if you have heard it, it probably is true. Poor Kae 😖

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