October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Give it To You Straight

  1. Wow! Good tea 🍵!

    I say if Rhianna is over music and wants to move on so be it. You can tell she is no longer interested by how long it is taking. So why make a person who no longer wants to do something, do it? The results will be trash. But she needs to give her fans a good solid album before she exits. Rihanna should have did this album a year or 2 ago and been done. Then she coulda smoked to her hearts content. I love Ri, but she isn’t a Whitney Houston. I can only imagine what that voice sounds like now after all the weed 🤦.

  2. So Jamie Lynn has kids with a pedophile?
    I liked Keri Hilson and she’s very pretty and was in a couple of movies.
    I seen earlier that JayZ was messing with Blue Cantrell back in the day.. did he name Blu after her?

  3. What the hell did Britney do to deserve this?? I can’t even imaginee </3…. God help her. This is insane. A whole other level . The Devil's work. I rebuke him in Jesus name!

    1. Piping hot tea G! Not sure which story to go with bcuz they were all that good. Of course my girl Rih, she may as well go out with a banger. I can’t believe JLS is in charge of her big sister, that’s crazy! Don’t know Stassi nor do I care and I definitely can see that divorce being messy.

  4. She probably injured her voice singing Love on the Brain so I’m not surprised. That song was not in her range. If she’s smart she’d release the album this year during COVID pandemic so that way she wouldn’t be asked to tour.

      1. I agree. I actually thought that was her best song vocally ever. She did things I didnt think she was capable of.

  5. Rihanna don’t owe her fans anything. She should be able to walk away from that satanic music industry and do her.

    They need to wuit f**king with Britney’s money and leave her alone to have her own money. They are a f**ked up family to treat Britney like that.

    1. Walk away of satanic music industry to go in satanic beauty and fashion industry , just a different branch of the same satanic tree . She down with satan for life unfortunetely a least than she like all that satanic stuff and lifestyle

  6. I only want good music from Robyn if not hiatus, after all she owes me nothing. SOS baby. Let Brad live, he escaped Angelina the vampire. Poor Brittany, Megan and Keri. Women can’t have shit huh? Not even each others back, it’s not allowed I guess.

  7. Unpopular opinion ~Rihanna can’t sing! Love her but I paid close to 600.00 twice to see her live and was extremely disappointed in her vocal abilities! I think smoking weed really just took her voice out! I would buy her Fenton products before I brought a ticket to another show….. I went back and looked through Britney’s profile on IG… call me crazy but she seemed normal up until she took that trip to the island! If you go back and see after that trip her pics and posts were never the same! Something happened on that trip with the boyfriend I think her has a lot to do with what’s going on as well!

  8. Love Keri. She and Lil Mama made silly decisions all the perfect people cant forget and forgive them for. Its sad because they are so talented.

  9. Keri

    ALLEDGEDLY the real reason Keri quit is NOT only because Ciara shut her down but because she started having vitiligo and got addicted to skin bleaching to cover it up ( remember how M.Good looked pale? ) . Lack of melanin and lack of sunlight spiraled her into depression and low self esteem overnight + living like a vampire strained her relationship with Serge ( arrogant W. African pro athlete ) . Her outspokeness made her an easy target for the Beyhive so she just completely gave in at that point . Its a shame she still wont admit why she really quit , she just doesnt want Bey to get credit for dimming her spotlight because it was really self afflicted SMDH ALLEDGEDLY .

  10. I like RiRi, But she can’t sing like that. She lacks stage presence as well. I’ll bump her music tho. I think she should just come out and be honest about how and where she feels about music. Release the album–at lest a decent one. Then, focus on Fenty. Hell or just be honest and release what she has. I’m happy that she is leaving the music industry. Evil fuckers.

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