August 15, 2022

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64 thoughts on “Give It To You Straight : A Message To Sparkle

      1. I was just about to say the same thing 🤦🏾‍♀️ This is why G’s tea is on all over these other gossip pages 🙄

      1. These must be spies sent by ol girl because this isn’t the first person I’ve seen post that.

  1. I remember watching the sex tape online as a kid shocked as hell that he was peeing on a little girl. I kept wondering if this is what adults do when they have sex but deep down I knew it was wrong. I also noted that the niece looked like she knew what she was doing sexually which surprised me. Maybe this wasn’t the first time she was used like this? Maybe Sparkle had done this before or maybe R. Kelly had broken her in so she knew what to do automatically.

    Disgusting. I feel sorry for the niece and I think someone found her profile on IG. I can’t imagine how she feels reliving this.

    1. I thought that too when I watched it, last year. I had never saw it back then. But babyyyyy she was twirling and allat like she BEEN fucking 🙍

  2. Chile he didn’t want either of you But had to cover his tracks so girl bye. Like you said Icydk, Karma is a Bitch!!!

  3. 😬😬 I was thinking that. Like girl you KNEW SOMETHING was up with all those young girls. Why bring in your neice???

  4. & tea was spilled yes G give it to her straight no chaser she was dead wrong she knew. Karma is real indeed. 🙌🏽

  5. Everyone needs to take FULL responsibility fir there part in this R Kelly situation. I was skeptical about some of these women coming out with a motive. A motive not to put him away, a motive to profit out of this.

  6. This post is A WORD!! Anyone with half a brain saw that AS SOON AS YOU GOT CAMERA TIME, you were rolling your eyes about “Drea” … Cause yiu wasn’t about to be THAT CHICK!! You pimped your niece for FAME!! You was there from the very beginning right?? So you was there,when that other background singer was getting bent over in the booth right? You never took your eyes off your niece right?? But let her sleep over?? When you “caught” her there by herself?? Who bought her Sparky?? Why did noone press charges Sparks? You watched the tapes too?? Hmmm yiu might as well held the camera!! Jells didnt let his people speak to ANYONE HE WAS FUCKING… But suddenly, none was talking to you? Interesting …only one glammed up on TV because, youre more concerned with not letting anyone see you and your frog faced eyes slipping… Not because of your niece. Wasn’t you in the house when it happened? I feel for you, cause youre one of those cold bitches that felt if yiu went through it, she should too!! Im POSITIVE, you were one of the first conquests. Nothing to be proud about!! I feel for you in some way… But to know about it ALL and STILL FUCK HIM AND BRING YOUR YOUNG NIECE… Nah!! Im done!!

    1. The only one who took accountability is the other girl on the sex tape. But now I’m seeing her pictures were exposed so she had no choice but to own it.

  7. Yes and then had the nerve to say no one was allowed to speak to her! Yet you did your own thing 😂

  8. When she first started talking shit a few years back I said she always knew. She got mad and jealous you could tell. I tell you a petty ho ain’t shit

  9. It’s a lot not being said. I can tell by the connections of the story. Sparkle was there front he start. The first girl said that’s she was there is the godmother to her child. So they are friends. You mean he was around y’all and not having sex with y’all. Then sparkle corroborates the wife story of her being locked up in a room and asking to come down. So she knew the wife. They all said the storm is coming. I believe everyone but sparkle and the wife. And the background singer seems not say her part cause by now she is legal age if we following her story. The one on the tape seems the most honest

    1. Jovante, the other background singer/dancer who was there from the beginning, held back and it was noticeable. She mentions seeing her underaged friend being bent over in the studio. He did the same to her.

  10. I just saw a clip of the real where K Michelle is saying she was also victimized by R Kelly – I sat there thinking; huh? Owe wow you too, huh? Not discounting her by any means but was this something that was known and or talked about in the industry? Or was this some hush hush who cares? Poor K – she’s been through a lot – at least that’s the way it seems or comes off. What to believe, Lord????

    1. She been said it he was her mentor but she still is in a victim state of mind when you listen to her talk about it. She defends him still kind of weird

  11. Sounds about right, G! Sparkle is definitely full of shit…She said, “I didn’t take the money”!! I don’t believe that shit for one minute

  12. “Karma is like a bullet. It never has a name. But when it hits, it’s going to hurt like hell!” – Christina M.

  13. This documentary is leading me to to question A LOT! didnt R. Kelly have a tour with jay? I remember jay doing an interview and saying this dude was unreal and is surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes’ men. That was years ago though. I wonder what he saw.

    1. He definitely was surrounded by yes men. I was watching the documentary on today and his tour manager was there when he married Aaliyah and said he forged a document for her age to be 18. He knew about him fucking with young girls.

  14. Yes G! You said exactly what I’ve been thinking. I believed everyone in this documentary but Sparkle, Andrea and R.’s former manager or whatever that man was.

    And watching her and how absolutely destroyed she seemed, I think that the backup dancer or background vocalist (the one who saw R and Aaliyah having sex) was very much victimized by R as well and just isn’t saying it..she was too distraught and shaken up..and it didn’t seem fake. Unlike Sparkle, who had exactly one year squeeze.from her eye in her interview.

  15. Hey G I thought that I was the only one who peeped when Sparkle said yeah his “wife” Andrea….then said oh that couldn’t have been me?! I was like yeah she was fucking him period!!!!

  16. Hmmm…. I’m sure they were messing around and she was of age correct? Sparkle of course. However, as I’m reading a lot of things, I haven’t seen not once anybody saying R Kelly is a sick man for wanting to have his way with these girls whether they’re pimped or not. He’s the adult that is having sex with these young girls. Does that even count? He was molested at a young age which is why he does it to young girls, but nobody is saying how much he needs psychological help. He knows the shit is wrong and been making songs about these encounters for years. It’s disgusting.

  17. Every adult who was around this mess needs to go to jail. Period. R. Kelly needs to be killed, legally, illegally…shoot at this point I don’t care how it just needs to be done. This has been ignored for too long. Lisa and sparkle are spurned mistress’s. Andrea I believe, I actually believe she was abused too. The brother needs to stay in jail…like I need him to never ever ever be released….some of those parents need jail too.

  18. This doesn’t make sense tho
    How is it Sparkle fault when the girl parents would drop her niece off to Kelly house?

    It’s not right u put this all on Sparkle cause allegedly her niece still lives with him, a few of the latest victims recognized her from the tape after Kelly introduced them
    in his home.

  19. Sooo the other person in the tape everyone keep talking seeing and then not seeing was the Lisa chic? She gave Sparkle the tape and she dropped it off to the newspaper instead of her coward ass taking it to the police? Set-up! Then her new single plays at the end of the documentary? Promo! God don’t like ugly Sparkle 💯💯

  20. The weekend documentary in all is just mess, indecency, illegal actsaccts especially they all need mental help

  21. All I wanna know is when all these women were sexing each other in between times and sexing Sparkle niece too? If all them women were around each other their cycles would sync up so they had to know about each other imo .

    Which one of them will admit to sexing aaliyah back then, her mother must know its coming that’s why she made a statement so quick idk .

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