September 26, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Tamar Braxton Showed Off Her New Boyfriend

      1. Did marjorie ever find out abt him & tay? Bc tay said Steve made connects to get her on another show and I ain’t seen the fruits of that labor 😩 Or was it that show she was featured on cutting off that white lady?? Lol

  1. I was surprised on whatever season of BFV that she was living in an apartment. It wasn’t a luxury apartment (there were vertical blinds in it), so I figured she was just being smart about her money. But it also sounds like she may not have had a choice.

  2. Tamar is an idiot. Her sister Towanda already exposed that Vince owed back taxes and the money wasn’t long like they wanted us to believe. If anything, sis had a front row seat to the over indulgence that was taking place and deluded herself into thinking there would be chunks of change for her in a settlement.

  3. So first she didn’t want Vince to have the weight loss surgery to better his health, cause she so called like them “thickems” as she say but really knew he was going to cheat even more once he got the surgery but now she doing TiT for TaT! cause her career didn’t take off like she thought she was going to be Toni Braxton 2.0 lol

    G can you continue the story on why she slept with Keri ?

  4. Lawd… That family is so screwy. Tamar needs to chill. Ain’t nothing cute about a 40+ year old woman acting like a child. Nothing. SMH

  5. She also went on Wendy Williams who is a mutual friend of theirs and said she loves this man and would give him as many babies as possible after telling Vince no to more children.

  6. Can we please have the tea on the relationship between these sisters. She’s not following any of them and Toni i’snt following her, but she is following the other sisters on IG

  7. She was going off on people that was talking about Vince. I’m sure she couldn’t respond to every negative comment.

    1. I agree my point is I think you missed it. She was going off on people talking about Vince weight yet praising her new man’s body calling him diesel just like I like em

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