August 16, 2022

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40 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Lori Harvey Had All Her Ex’s Mad

  1. I’m surprised with her father’s connections she couldn’t have found someone better?

    Trey is cute, but his lifestyle is such a turnoff

    Trey always seems to be in some mess with someone else’s girl

    1. I hope you are not talking about Steve? Steve and Marjorie are not married. Her real daddy is the infamous dope boy Jimmy Townsend! Steve ain’t nowhere near where Jimmy at. Steve is a dumb ass house negro who claim he’s from the country but sucking on master’s nut sack!

      1. Just finished reading the article about Townsend being released from prison. He’s not Lori’s father. The second dope dealer that she got with is Lori’s father. Donnell Woods.

    1. He is still pretty young. Mid 30s and unlike women, he still has a better chance of having kids later down line. Can’t force anyone to settle if they aren’t ready, regardless of their age.

  2. Man I done heard plenty of stories on girls who done got down with trey…..whew child. Mr steal your girl be breaking backs in

      1. So curious. Why did Jimmy let his daughter get adopted by Steve Harvey? Why is she walking around with Steve Harvey’s last name? Because I thought maybe it was because her father was never in the picture.

  3. So they wanted her to claim them so what? They could be seen with some groupies and have her looking foolish, but when she pull a them on them they all upset hahaha I ain’t mad at her! Make these dudes look foolish and beat them at they own game all 2019

  4. Never heard of this chick until now lol As far as Trey one minute he’s either bi, gay, or a woman stealer lol…..and if a chick had Future in his feelings then good for her lol 😁😁😁😁

  5. 😤🤯😂😂😂
    Yes Lori !! Had these niggas hurt lol
    It’s just funny I’m sorry because how many chicks go threw this with theses niggas 😩. Shout out to Lori for one upping EVERYBODY ..!

    1. What money Marjorie got? The money she is spending is Mary Lee Vaughn HARVEY!!! STEVE HARVEY’S LEGAL WIFE!!!

  6. I don’t think she should have to explain to these niggas anything if she’s single now. They sure don’t 🤷🏽‍♀️ Live ya life baby girl

  7. Future needs to shut up. Don’t get me started on that B. A. N. As for the Lori , seems like she is living the life her daddy tries to warn other women to stay away from… hmmm. And I like Trey, he seems like a cool enough dude who minds his business… that’s what’s up. I wanna hear his story.

  8. Ok girl but who are the “a lot of men in the industry”? U only name 3- JC, Future,Trey-outside of Memphis.

    Memphis WAS her fiancé. They BEEN broken up for months now tho. Nothing to do with the Trey situation. It’s been on Memphis IG all along. Was he still tapping that? maybe.
    So peeps need to stop tryna reach coz they thought those 2 were still officially together.

    I don’t know about u but 4 dudes+couple of chicks hardly make “a lot of men”.
    Don’t hold back on us now, what’s the tea on them other dudes.
    I don’t understand why future of all men is mad, simmer down Mr. Musty.

  9. Is Lori really Steve Harvey’s blood daughter or step daughter Cuz they don’t look alike and Lori don’t look like none of Steve’s kids

    1. Neither. Again, Steve and Marjorie are not legally married!!! No relation whatsoever. Steve and Mary are legally married.

  10. Lori better stop that bullshit or end up like her Mama but worse! Steve even Lori’s dad! Jimmy Townsend is Lori’s dad. Marjorie better watch her back from here on out! She and Steve both got bounties over both of their heads. Oh this shit is far from over! To be continued……

    1. Question. If Lori’s biological father is this alleged big shot you speak of that nobody wanna mess with….how is he going to allow his daughter to carry another’s man name who’s not even “Legally” married to his child’s mother. I’m baffled 😕

  11. Yeah he been exposed over a year ago for being bisexual in secrecy!😂. That’s why the guys in the industry don’t mess with him and it’s the same with Childish but I never seen any videos of him allegedly mashing a man but as talented as he and yes rapping is his forte also, the industry will not mess with him!

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