August 16, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 9-29-18 Drake Vs Nicki, Cardi Diss Track? Queen Radio’s Future, Drake & Cardi?

  1. Nikki need to go on about her business she getting on my nerves if she really wanted tell something she would have she always wait for an excuse to do it. I think she just been waiting for an excuse she always wanted to spill the tea 🤷🏽‍♀️ She need to grow this is getting exhausting. Please on to something else. Over it already🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Honestly if I was her I would’ve dated Drake. Sometimes U just gotta give a ninja a chance, never know u may end up loving him too

  3. So with the deactivating you said before nicki can do acting. Are they ok with her doing radio or are they going to want her to do something else.

    1. They hate her doing her own radio show because Nicki can blow up their narrative and speak for herself. She pulled a fast one on them

      1. I didn’t realize how smart Nicki is. People probably thought that the radio show was just for promo. Like for two weeks. But it’s beyond successful. And it’s uncensored. So she can say the unexpected. At anytime.

  4. Wow! I truly believe Nicki has an issue with Drake because he’s more successful than her. She could never allow herself to be in a relationship with a man who has the upper hand. The fact that she was with Safaree for YEARS and was basically his employer and writing his checks speaks volumes to me about the type of man she rocks with. She needs to be in control and with Drake while I’m sure he’d let her have some control, he’s a mogul with his own wave. He has influence and he’s a brand; there would only be so much she could tell him before he’d be like, I’m on top and I’m richer than you, are you serious with this bullshyt? Nicki wouldn’t be comfortable with that. She’s cutting off her nose to spite her face tho because I think he’d actually be good for her. At least for a year or two. I seriously doubt Drake would ever be faithful to anybody long term but she might be the one for him. If not, at least she could make a lot for coin and parlay that into another branding empire like JLo did Diddy before she dumped him.

      1. I agree, Lewis Hamilton has a lot of money but he doesn’t have the boss personality that Drake does. Don’t believe the narrative that he is soft; he is anything but that. He rules that OVO kingdom with an iron fist and what he says goes. Nicki, can’t be with a man who is in charge like that, that she can’t push around and have her way with all the time. Not only that she is insecure about as a female artist and the respect she thinks she should have in a world full of male MCs. Much of her bad attitude and her meaness comes from that insecurity.

  5. I was waiting for you to drop some sugar on all this!! I needed some sugar cube facts cause this rumor mill been swirling the last couple days!

  6. I don’t about this one. If Nicki doesn’t like/love Drake like that, then she shouldn’t commit. It wouldn’t be fair to Drake or herself. As for the music/business it seems to all rest on the shoulders of the love Drake has for Nicki. If she flat out says no, he won’t help her. If she says yes, she is miserable. Then there’s the the thing that is happening with right now…weirdness. A rock and a hard place.

  7. I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you! Protect G at all costs!!! You need a BodyGuard cause my husband can be that!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It’s good she didn’t get with drake it’s too much we seen how these fake ass relationships go it’s not good for her at all people hate her no matter if she were to get with him people would find something wrong with it drake can’t commit to anyone and be sure as hell wouldn’t commit to her he’s dated some beautiful amazing women so no he can fuck off lmao honestly him being a father and address these allegations would be a better idea for him nicki knows what she’s doing she’s very strategic she’s not going out that easy even if everyone collabs they’ll look like haters people are already realizing that now

  9. If Nicki was to talk about Drake on Queen radio that’s when her career would really be over because you know Drake make moves in the boardroom and he doesn’t play. Nicki at this point is bitter and stubborn she can keep fighting but she won’t win. The elites machinery is too powerful for her. It’s full time for her to focus on becoming a better person and spend time with people who loves her.

    1. Ur believing the lies and falling into the traps. The media wants to pay this narrative that Nikki is bitter, when in truth she’s not. Cardi is just jealous of Nikki because she wants to be in the game and is constantly being pitted against her by media. But why would Nicki be jealous of someone who doesn’t even contain half for success? And her and Drake have the same amount of money and fame, so that doesn’t make sense either. He is not bitter or jealous that’s just that idea that the media is trying to paint so that people like you will keep repeating it and dumb people who don’t know anything we’ll just believe it. Last time I checked not letting people walk all over you and disrespect you is not considered being bitter

  10. Even though he is that petty scorpion, I think he will put that to the side cause that would really hurt her. Him putting that in a song would be beyond brutal, and really not equal to her curving him. It would be overkill. No one is making fun of Drake cause Nicki curved him a few times. But they will make fun of her forever if he gets on a song with Cardi, who is Nicki’s enemy, and puts a line like that in a song.

  11. Drake ain’t shit if Nicki don’t want to be with him it shouldn’t be a problem Nicki see him like a little brother it’s obvious that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings or lose his friendship… Why should a woman or anybody suffer or feel miserable just to make another person happy noooooooo you have to do what’s right for you period. Drake needs to move on period…

  12. There is more to why Nicki doesn’t go for drake then just “I don’t like him like that”. Even after it looked like she betrayed him during the meek beef he still was trying to cuff her afterwards. By the way it’s described Nicki might be one of the few women Drake is deadass serious about settling down with but she just pulls away! I still think she has a problem with being with a man who has more pull than her she’s okay with the safaree’s & the meek’s but not big dog drizzy, and if Meek really has a song with Cardi coming out it’s gonna be packed with shade I’m already knowing and Nicki is gonna have egg on her face & be hurt AF.

  13. First off. The only reason I addressed that was that it was going on. You are talking about one part during the end. None of my stuff comes from anyone except my insiders. If you read I said I don’t believe that verse exists. How dare you come on my page and tell me I am using someone else’s tea. You will be refunded and removed off this site. All of that fuckin writing and reporting I did and you take one part from the end that I addressed that is out there because my readers wanted me to address if it was true. Did Just so Beyonce ever tell you about the song darling Nicki? No Did they tell you the insight about Drake and Nicki? No, I got that from a person. Whoever you are you have me all the way fucked up

  14. I really love Nicki and don’t want her to go down without a fight to this vile girl who is nowhere near her skill level. But im also scared for Nicki I’m scared if she keep rocking the boat, I don’t like to say it, but if she keep fighting back I feel like they will off her 😔👀…every time I listen to Chun Swae at the end when she says “I love my fans I love you so much” it gives me this really eerie feeling like I can’t explain…I just dont want them to off her, but these ppl are wicked and power is everything to them!

  15. Drake would have hell to pay from the Barbz and Wayne if he dissed nicki like that. We all know wayne would take her side and that would be the end of young money. And Drake would just look like a untrustworthy lightskin nigga. Hes pushing 40 too, and if he does that to her well…karma is a bitch so he’ll get his too.

  16. Oh and he’d really look like a bitch nigga for turning on her just cuz he couldn’t get some pussy. like he’d be basic af and lame af for that. Itd be a classic case of a “I didn’t like u anyways” ass niggas, who just be mad cuz u turn em dowN. She doesn’t owe Drake her pussy or her love.

  17. I always thought the song That’s how you feel on Scorpion was about Nicki ? He talks about waiting on a girl for a long time, he can’t draw the line with her (their friendship). And he sampled her on top of it. Nicki definitely rides for her brother who’s fighting a case…maybe I’m wrong

  18. Nicki wears the pants in her relationships. All the dudes she ends up in a relationship with are younger than her, so I understand why she ended her affair with Nas so abruptly, she wasnt ready to deal with a “man” that’s intellectual & spiritually inclined.

    How coincidental is it Nicki added the line “He keep on Darling Nicki, like the Prince song” to Chun Li’s hook. Maybe that was a Jab at Drake

    Cardi can’t lose with whichever track gets released, and Nicki will be mad regardless between her ex & labelmate. It’s a win/win bottomline

  19. They stressin me 😩 can you do a little something on Lil Wayne’s tour bus getting shot at , his album release on his birthday and hours later thug and bird man finally may be charged in the shooting?

  20. If I was Nicki, I would just move to London and live my life with my almost billionaire race car driver man. Fcuk America. On some Eve shit. ✌🏽

  21. Are Nicki and Lewis for real?? I don’t want to piss on anybody’s parade… But to ME they look to be “set up”.

  22. It would be really nice if they were together. It just makes sense. But Drake should pay her dust. Seriously love her from a far far far.

  23. I know you are tired of writing about it. Im tired of reading about it but unfortunately they keep going. I cant stand that Maroon 5 “Girl like you” song. That rap is so outta place. What is the other #1?

  24. Drake nor Cardi can lyrically compete w Nicki. Sorry but its tru cardi has writers and drake just sings basically. I never heard him rip a beat to shreds…cuz he can’t.

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