October 6, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes: 9/29/18 Drake Vs Nicki? Cardi Diss Track? Queen Radio’s Future Drake and Cardi?

  1. Good grief!!! I wish they would just flip the script and do a collab together that NO ONE knows about until it is released. Now THAT would be hot! I’m so sick and tired of Atlantic and their shenanigans…and I want Cardi to get rid of those folks around her. Sigh… In a perfect world everyone could keep the disses and bs on wax and coexist without the nonsense but these record folks, thumb thuggers on social media and bullshit prevent that from happening.

      1. I know… Me too… This is so sad. I appreciate you for keeping us in the loop though. 😊

  2. Atlantic make a good point if you keep talking Nikki she will have something to talk about on her radio honestly I don’t date for her but like to hear what she have to say after the drama 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Well i think nicki is playing this queen radio very smart. She is also putting out current interesting content. Like offering Asiandoll and the other doll to squash beef. So even if her beef with cardi is gone she will still be interesting for other things

  4. Honestly I’m over all of it. It’s draining & exhausting. I get there’s behind the scenes stuff that goes on & both parties haven’t been innocent in all this, but honestly here is where I’m at

    If I’m Cardi, I would take the success to the top & drop Playset & whoever else who are there for the ride but not there to enrich her. Use the new PR team & her connections to take her brand to the next level. She needs to parlay this into as many opportunities so she’s never back at the strip club or love & hip hop like K.Michelle

    If I’m Nicki, I would use the Queen Radio platform to launch an empire into something else besides these feature brand items. Use the platform for good to launch a career in something else that your fans can support instead of the drama, subliminals & messiness.

    I get Nicki’s frustration but she’s coming off as sour grapes even though she’s trying to expose the truth but ppl are just tired of it especially when she hasn’t been innocent in some of her other fallouts with other artists but now wants everyone to rally behind her & forget some of the things that have not represented her in the best light

    I make it a point to leave ppl alone, & especially watch how I conduct myself around ppl that have nothing to lose bc you never know how they will react

    Ppl come for Riri but she’s smart & saw the writing
    On the wall in this industry & literally wrote her life into existence. I get she’s not perfect & have done some things I never do, but she’s not caught up in stunts to stay relavent, accolades & is working her butt off in fashion, makeup, perfume, charity & possibly a skin care line etc. & her fans & haters come out in droves to support the building brand

  5. Off topic…I really like the Queen album. My boyfriend and I have been arguing all week that her album is good. He swears Cardi is real and I just like NM bc I’m bougie, but I told him he’s just a brainwashed passenger on the NM hate train. I can’t compare it to Cardi’s album bc I’ve never listened to it…I’m just stubborn like that and I refuse to let social media force me to like her music.

  6. P, the executive of Quality Control who Migos is signed under but they also manage Cardi now called Cardi the new Queen of Rap and Lil Baby the new King of the South. I truly believe they are all using Cardi to make money off her. And I feel Nicki, replace me with better not mediocrity.

  7. Here is my thing, these celebs go through ALL that hell, selling soul, sacrifice, & etc, ONLY to find themselves one day in the shoes of Nicki and those before her 😕. I promise you it isn’t worth it. And since it is all planted in evil, it will never last. A temporary fix.

  8. This is why I call Cardi fake everyone gets shocked but she’s just as fake as Nicki. She likes fame but not as much as she leads on. She hates to be talked about. I hate people who wear there emotions on thier sleeves. She has no poker face when it comes to fame. She argues on-line everyday and she only argues with Nicki fans. Everyone else loves her so I don’t get it.

  9. I’ve been saying this nicki isn’t jealous of cardi she’s mad that this girl hasn’t had to work hard nicki literally has been working since the early early 2000s and after being underground she became mainstream she didn’t have reality tv or social media to rely on but everyone thinks I’m just saying shit she would respect cardi if she actually put work into shit but no this girl gets to record what people write her and basically get things handed to her smh

  10. I think Cardi.b really dont won’t to drop the diss record. I think she herself is tired of it. I really think it will be best that Nicki Minaj don’t say nothing else about Cardi or drake. There’s so many things she can talk about. She should talk about herself and mistakes she made in her career. And be real about her life. I believe more people will honor her for exposeing her personal problems. Like her mother, her brother, and new boyfriend. There’s no need to keep it a secret. If she talks about her life and family. Everybody will listen to the Queen radio station. Everybody will respect her for that. Because she never talk about her problems, people really believe she is fake. G can you talk about the Migos more.

    1. Nicki Minaj need to expose herself, her family problems and mistakes. If she out her self they want have nothing else to say. Do a 8 miles the movie move. And than walk away. I see she got a new man. Sorry Drake can’t touch him at all, he’s everything. She should keep him. Marry him get pregnant and retire for music.

  11. It can also be a way to get cardi to send one of her blood goons to off nicki. Maybe? They want to really vanish her and cardi is really volatile. They couldn’t pick a worse scrub than her? She’s garbage.

  12. I’m just truly sad that her deactivation has to be surrounded by all of this defamation and controversy. I hate they’re trying to tarnish this black womans legacy. Any black woman at that. Seeing how hard it is for most of us, to come in this game with actual talent and have longevity is a gift. I also hate they’re doing it with a Latina woman. Because 9/10 their communities stick together. A lot of black people are such followers they’ll believe whatever is put out there with no receipts. And never argue that people should come with proof. They ride any wave that’s in at the moment. It’s sad and I just don’t want my fav to go out like this.

  13. G I have a question do you have any tea on the guy Jason lee from Hollywood unlocked ? He’s always posting negative stories about nicki. Never posts anything negative about cardi. He’s friends with her and outta nowhere just started defaming nicki when cardi blew up. We have receipts of him praising nicki, her music, concerts. Etc. before cardi came on the scene. He makes it a point to say he isn’t on Atlantic’s payroll. But if he was of course 9/10 he isn’t gonna admit it.

  14. I agree with Nicki, if they’re going to replace her.. Replace her with someone BETTER! CardiB is NOT better Nicki, her flow is not better, she doesn’t write.. She’s just a rapper, not an artist (a creative)

  15. I almost wish you didn’t write at the end if cardi doesn’t talk about her Nickis station won’t do that well- lol- when u speak ppl listen G-
    I’m sure Cardi has one of her ppls following u-

  16. Hey G, @ncaseudidntknow do I pop up in the bloggers who like this,?? I always like & it never shows, but’ll Show when I like comments…..

  17. I don’t give a damn wat they do cuz this to shall pass & when the smoke clears, Nicki will still be standing cuz she has the sauce & sauce has longevity!! Cardi May have the juice for now but juice expires!! Onika has the Sauce Babi! She ain’t goin nowhere G this is just a faze!!

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