October 5, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Made Part Owner of Yeezy’s As Kanye Attempts To Save His Marriage

  1. I’m actually surprised Kim has stuck around this long.

    Do you think she’ll end up with Van Jones? His wife just filed for divorce as well & him & Kim have been working together quite a bit on prison reform

    Khloe doesn’t want better. I don’t know why she thought she was special when he did to her the same thing he did to his ex

  2. I feel really sad for both of them. Kenya West will never be the same. After his break down in 2016 and he call out Jay.Z and his wife. They mess up his mind forever. I miss him so much. He was a great rapper.

  3. Somehow this will be Kims fault. Everything is her fault. Even the mass alert we got today was her fault. 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. G, can you please give the behind the scenes story on Phyllis hyman and her death?
        Also, what happened to salt n pepa? What really made pepa have plastic surgery and still making her do it?
        What’s the real story on Jodeci? Why didn’t devante swing keep blowing up?

  4. I feel bad for Kim actually. I knew Kanye was going to be this way. They extreme high and real bad low times with mental health. He is on and off that medication that’s not good. But she enjoyed the good passionate romantic side now this is the flip. I’m sure it’s like an extra kid. Hard decision for that girl

  5. They should separate for a while i think they both just need time apart before divorce but if kim is done well do what you have to do and just explain to north

    1. Looks like thats about to happen. Especially now that Kanye said he’s moving back to Chicago and never leaving again. Kim said she’s not moving. She’s staying in Calabasas with her life and family…. Plus, now Kanye is saying he’s going to Africa to finish his album. Sounds like plenty of time apart to me.

  6. Why is he doing this trump supporter stuff? At first i thought it was for publicity,terrible but it got him attention….but now i think it’s fr and i need answers 🤣

    1. Jay z and Beyonce have the Obamas, who didnt support Kanye. So now Kanye has Trump. Smh. Always a competition

  7. I always thought Kim married Kanye to soothe her ego, after the Kris Humphries debacle. I also believe Kanye married Kim to soothe his insecurities. She never looked at a man like the way she looked at Reggie Bush. I hope Kanye re-connect with Chi roots, and eventually, get some healing.

  8. The Kardashian’s are a big bundle of black clouds. Every man that has dated them has either died, went on drugs, became alcoholics, changes their sexual gender, cheated on them openly with zero fucks, used them to pay off for their own debts, stayed married to them for >< this long, hit it & quit it, ect. The movie “Get Out” applies to Kanye like no other celebrity out there. I was rooting for him when he announced that he was moving back to Chicago without the “Koven.” Don’t get me wrong ..Kanye is a “black man lost.” I would love to have the old College Drop Out Kanye back…but he needs to just dig deep back into the back in the day “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” “I’m not saying she’s goldiggder..” WOKE” Kanye back! He really designated ever since he married into that family…. & that’s just my 2 CENTS! I miss Kanye

  9. Kim knows that if she was to leave things for him mentally would get worst, he really needs to stop with these rants he’s digging a bigger hole for himself he needs help and but there’s no way out

    1. Yes I feel like if she leaves him he would prob commit suicide and trust that would def be Kim’s fault because she knows he is not stable. Idk why these men keep getting involved with them cuz they NEVER ever live happily ever after. They drain these men’s energy and leave them with nothing. So sad. It cant just be a coincidence, its getting really weird.

  10. I feel like she’s prepping for the big divorce/separation anouncement. On keeping up with the Kardashian’s she was talking to Khloe about a Kanye wanting her time and she told him not now give her 10 min she’s trying to make s deadline while working on her laptop but as soon as saint came in and asked to take a bath with him she immediately closed the laptop to go with saint. That made Kanye angry and upset and khloe joked that maybe Kanye wanted to bathe with Kim. Then Kim gave another story to khloe about Kanye acting itritional about not having the right color bandaid and basically throwing a tantrum, She did the same thing with Chris humpfries when she left him. She will absolutely leave him and soon.

  11. I have to give it to Kim ..she’s loyal because i thought she’d be out by now with all the shit going on . But I get it once you start a family you don’t just run away . This nigga argued with Kim over a bandage 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh lol I’m like yea Kanye you walking a tight rope buddy

  12. I’ve been wondering how shes been tolerating his ignorance and attention seeking lately. We as parents tend to tolerate a lot when it comes to a marriage and kids are involved. Never really cared for her but I hope the best.

  13. I know this has nothing to do with kim and Kanye. Can you please give us an update on Tamar Braxton. Did she been under MK ultra. She have been acting off lately. What really going on with the Braxton family tv show. Tamar was on top of the R&B charts. Everybody love her at first. Now people hate her.

  14. Kim is sticking it out because of North. But Don she got Saint and that new baby smh. Kim is training North to be a mini narcissist. Ive never seen a child condemn her brother like she does. If Kanye mother was alive she’ll fix that with a good ole ass whoopin.

    1. North got that from her mama. The way Kim has treated Rob on camera bothered me, so I can imagine what she’s said to him off camera. The episode when they did family therapy, Kim was downright rude and nasty towards Rob. Kim looked irritated having to be there and when Rob ran off set in tears, only Khloe went after him. In fairness, Kourtney was very pregnant with Penelope but she did cry. Kris sat right next to a scowling Kim. So North will continue battling Saint.

  15. I am suprised they lasted this long honestly. I have to give it up to Kim seems like she has tried to make it work.

  16. I don’t buy into some parts of this post… All celebrities were Hillary supporters PUBLICLY. No celebrity can support Trump publicly, but behind closed doors I’m willing to bet any amount of money they all voted for Trump; I heard Kim voted for Trump. Plus, supporting Hillary aligns more with Kim’s brand and fan base. And the republican policies benefit celebrities more financially than the democratic policies. But at the end of the day, Democrat, Republican is doesn’t matter, America isn’t a democracy. Its all planned, both parties are just two sides of the SAME coin. Just like there are “elites” in Hollywood calling the shots, there are “elites” calling the shots in politics.

    When it comes to Kanye, I know Kanye doesn’t not look at race, he’s proud of what Trump has accomplished – He went from a Business man to the POTUS, zero political experience, that’s quite an accomplishment. I’m sure Kim understands Kanye’s views on Trump, but because she’s a narcissist and he’s public with his views, it makes her look bad, she has to defend him, etc. I’m sure that’s the real issue.. It has nothing to do with Trump, and everything to do with her image, brand, etc.

    1. Agree. Something seems off with this. If Kim was so worried about the Pro Trump acts with her brand – why would she be publicly working with the man? They must be very damn good actors as they’ve been inseparable – attending weddings and events all summer long! She was just recently with him after the SNL short rant. Even spoke on him on Jimmy Kimmel referencing that her “husband” is practically a billionaire, which would make her one. I believe all marriages have their left and right but IMO, this seems overblown.

  17. Kanye supports a racist and Kim K supports a family of pedophiles (clintons)… that’s like the teapot calling the kettle black lmaooo…

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