August 15, 2022

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33 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Usher Herpes Scandal and Why His Career Is In Jeopardy – Part 1

  1. OMG, I’ve been waiting on USHERRRRRR and why I havent heard from him lately. What’s really good with this sugar? Part 2 pleaseeeee

  2. Man Usher was my love!!! He came out when I was a teen & I stanned hard for him. Then I saw the women he would date & marry weren’t in my age range 🙁

    Hmm so is the herpes true or a smear campaign to get Usher back in line with the elites?

  3. Diddy need to be in jail.. sad thing is he has kids. And you doing this type of shit.. and his mother, really, I would never send my child with a stranger, mistakes happen but that to risky.

  4. Not related but on jays album 4:44 he says after what they did to our Lauren hill. Confirming something was done. Just like you said. I just hear interviews and songs differently now. Cause i wouldn’t have known what he was taking about before

  5. YESS Been waiting on a Usher expose…Please do not leave anything out…Take your time and give us every single inch of details about homeboi….lmao

  6. Lord, I’ma be up at 3 AM waiting on G to post this! I never Saw this post coming but I am Ready! *birdman hand rub*

  7. Call me a Mack because I got it like that
    You gotta play by the rules
    And call me a Mack ayyyyy

    All the time i think if you
    Holding onto someone new
    Don’t water my time
    Seems like I’ve been here before
    Baby I can’t take nomore
    Of you tryna play me out baby

    Usher always had a nice voice to me

  8. I’m so fucking tired of Diddy!!!!! That man is so fucking nasty!!!! I can only imagine how many dudes he broke in smh. G I have a question? I heard that his son Justin was messing with Lou years ago. I googled it and found the texts, went on Lou’s IG page and only gay dudes commented on his pics so that confirmed that he’s gay. I finally started to believe the rumors but I’m just wondering, do you think Diddy molested Justin at young age and made him gay or what?!? And I’m assuming Saweetie was Justin’s beard smh.

  9. Wow I would’ve never knew he was sent to stay with Diddy when they first met that’s crazy. These parents be so happy that their child gets recognized for their talent that they don’t think about the situations they put them in cause they’re worried about when them checks start rolling in.

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