September 26, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Decipher : The Video “Ice Box” By Omarion

  1. I’ll never look at Ice Box the same ever again

    So when these artists claim to come up with these video & performance concepts are they full of it? Does the elites just have an expert on set/rehearsals dictating what needs to be included?

    Justin Bieber is really out there looking disheveled, unkempt & drugged out meanwhile Usher is busy globe trotting

  2. Holy crap! Umm also, are the artists in charge of their own choreographies in film clips or does someone that has some sort of connection with the elites (or anybody in that matter) arranges it all without artists knowing? They seem to be throwing these things in videos without us knowing until someone like you point them out.

  3. Please decipher the Ganga burn video it’s interesting 🤔 and omg I never realized how crazy this video actually was and Justin Bieber of all people wow

  4. So Justin Bieber deactivated Omarion that’s crazy. It was also creepy how Omarion kept saying keep your eye on me girl while having all these seeing eye symbolism flashing around. Considering the rumors about Chris stokes and B2k none of this is suprising.

  5. I just don’t understand…. if celebrities deny that the illuminati exists and everything is a secret, why are they so focused on showing the public that it DOES exist? Like why keep everything a secret if you are just going to put all the symbolism in the videos and throw up the hand signs etc. to prove that y’all are doing rituals and stuff. No one will admit to any of it yet they keep showing it to us.

  6. The very first time I saw this video I thought it was stupid because it didn’t have anything to do with the song, buuut now….

  7. That’s why none of these videos match the songs. They too busy putting symbols everywhere for it to match with the song…. well technically it does match the song if the song is written in code or witch language. This shit cray. Well I always hated this stupid song.

  8. Damn the Lucy on the wall in the kitchen got me! Then to show Solange after remembering all the Giselle “ Lucy” stories. The Elites really been distracting us since kids smh.

  9. I need Tea on this West vs Carters. Are they friends now? I really want Kanye & Kim to stop trying to be friends with the Frauds, crazy part is The West are way more entertaining & Fashionable than the Carters they dont need them.

  10. G, didn’t Justin Beiber tap out of the Elite situation altogether? He found and proclaims Jesus now, so is he out of it?

    1. its not that easy he wants out thats why all of asudden he is acting more and more crazy they may off his ass soon and say its an OD

      1. Pleeeease spill on that Selena Gomez girl. Chick ain’t talented at ALL. She seems like a groupie/leech of celebs or something. She hanging on to that Taylor Swift friendship for dear life.

      2. Is Taylor swift dead? Why are all her comments turned off? In her song she says “sorry but the old Taylor is dead” or something like that. Why havent we heard from her in so long

      3. I was just about to ask when they are going to drop Justin because he’s looking embarrassing out here

  11. I remember maybe 10 years or so ago, there were several videos being broken down and how they reference the elite or illuminti. Ice Box was one of the videos, crazy in love and I think k upgrade you. Of course, everyone back then thought the person was insane, but now people are starting to open their eyes.

  12. Wow G! Love this new segment. Omarion had so much potential to really be a superstar after B2K. I loved him back then.

  13. Yup, I watched a YouTube video a while back about this video and they said the same things. Of course… I can’t find it.

  14. I love this decipher section. How in the world did I not see the Baphomet before. Wow! Anywho, what are your thoughts about Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter”? He had such dark sounds (chants and drums and whatnot) for 808s & Heartbreak. And also, what about his “My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy” movie. Very interesting vibe that had 🧐

  15. Thanks G, but when I first seen this video I knew it had a dark meaning cause it just seemed creepy… Your always on point💯💯💯💯

  16. Have you been noticing O’s IG posts lately? Go peep his page out G. He keeps posting throwbacks and shes like he’s depressed or something

  17. Oh wow so omari has been deactivated that’s why smh cause he definitely has the talent to be big that’s crazy. I wonder if the stuff that happened with Chris stokes played a part in him missing rituals and stuff. He probably was conflicted with having to do those things after having went through that shit. It’s sad that you can’t just be talented in this industry and that’s all.

  18. Wow so Keri Hilson, and all these song writers, are all down 🤦🏾‍♀️ My slow ass never connected those dots

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