September 30, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Decipher : Episode 1 : The Hotel California

  1. Everytime I heard this song, it always had a spooky feel to me. I would turn it off everytime. Thanks G for reiterating what I have always felt!

  2. Ok, all this time I thought this song was about a mental hospital in Camarillo. I guess the urban legend was wrong?

  3. It’s crazy that was one of my favorite songs but it always gave me a dark vibe the song was never as simple as it sounded

  4. Yesssssss I’m so geeked for this. Lots of songs I need deciphered but I will follow your lead. This song is pretty damn creepy though, I never wanted to look into it because I’m the type will have to sleep with the lights on after 😂😂😂

  5. I always thought he was talking about drugs, the stabbing with steely knives part. I assumed he talling about hollywood, the industry, getting gooked on drugs and sex…

  6. My boyfriend listens to this song and we talk about it in my multicultural music class but never this in dept of course. Still I haven’t listened to the song from start to finish I only know the chorus, guess I’m especially in no rush to listen fully now haha

  7. This is unrelated but G, should I watch the Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix? I know his daughter had a hand in it so I know it will be extremely bias but what do you think?

  8. I knew there was some sort of message to this song but I couldn’t put my finger on it. This song was and is still creepy to me.

  9. Its the first time im hearing this song and trust me it gave me a erri feeling amh i know these things are true but honestly its scary as shit

    1. Yes! That’s how I feel about her song Haunted. I catch myself singing it and it creeps me out, so I have to force myself to stop.

  10. This has always been an interesting topic . Listening to music from bands in the past you really realize how mystical the words were. Because now they use hip hop words are different but you can still tell the difference when listening to certain songs . Great interpretation !

  11. This song always scared me. I feel a connection to the Eagles. I played their greatest hits CD constantly as I was planning to leave my abusive ex. They sang me out of Dallas. A few yrs ago, I was working in a cafe and Tim Schmidt (He sings lead on I can’t tellyou why) came in with his kids for coffee. I froze. He and his family were great. A few weeks later, I quit that horrible job. They always appear in my life when I’m abt to make big decisions. Love you, G.

  12. I always read the comments and get new insight and stuff but I’ve always been content just to sit back and chill but YO!! I’m soooo excited about this decipher segment. I CANT WAIT to see what is coming next!

  13. Its always been creepy. Just heard it on a road trip this weekend. Can you please do Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. That one always has soem weird stuff.

  14. Music is nothing but spell casting, there are certain frequencies that can be played that your conscious mind won’t pick up, but your subconscious will… I would love to see Adele’s song “Hello” featured, I know what the song really means, but I think most people don’t and would be surprised 🤭

  15. So what is the point in writing these “witch songs” like is it just to communicate to each other in hidden language? I’m thinking if it’s witchcraft then they need us in some way. Like if a stadium filled with people are all singing that song does that complete some kinda spell? Idk but the more I learn about these people the more I wanna stay away from the music I used to love. Smh

  16. OMG! NOT “Hotel California!” This is one of my bored alone karaoke songs! I an so done with this sh*t! And NO I never thought of it THIS way. I am scared to see what other songs will mean. This devil sh*t is killing my one man karaoke. Why must these people be so freakin evil.

  17. This has been one of my favorite songs since childhood, I always thought it was great but also gave me a dark and foreboding feeling. Even as a kid before I knew what it was saying. But that was part of why I liked it because it was intriguing to me. Good article

  18. I agree with most everyone on here. I, too, felt there was something haunting about the song. The “you can never leave” always made me feel like it was something deeper going on with the song. Even still, I’ve always liked it. Moreso, for Don’s singing and the musical arrangement. I appreciate the breakdown of the lyrics.

  19. Wow…. I’m excited about what else you have instore… another one G is the song called highway to hell by AC/DC that song makes me feel so uncomfortable. But they stay putting it in adult/kids movies😥😐

  20. I always thought “they stab it with their steely knives but they just cant kill the beast” reeked of heroin addiction. I love this song, but it is definitely a testament of initiation to that world.

  21. I could never get through this song on guitar hero because I couldn’t stop listening to the words! I’ve always been drawn to strange songs

  22. I am soooooo ready for this! I always see youtubers breaking down songs, so this will be nice to finally get some clear understandings to a lot of songs that we’ve all felt were a little too creepy.

  23. I remember always seeing decipher videos on YouTube and they creeped the hell out of
    Me to point I had to stop but this is so much more in depth you can see how much more knowledge you have giving me the hee bee gee bees forreal LOL

  24. Those bands from the 70s were wicked devils. I watched a video interview of a person that is from an Illuminati family and he spoke of different parties where rituals would be going on and members from different rock groups would be there doing witchcraft rituals. All of them are deactivated now, but they are all very very rich. I read a blind item on CDAN that everyone guessed was Don Henley- the singer of Hotel California. In his younger days He like getting teenage groupies to come back to his home, drug them and do all types of shit to them. Well one time it didn’t work out do well, one girl died and they dumped her body. The other girl escaped with photos of the incident and a clear memory of what happened. That girl is now a woman in her 40-50s. And she is married to a powerful man. At the end of the blind it said that she is getting ready to come forward with the photos. It hasn’t happened yet.

  25. Thank you for this. I first heard this song at 14-15 in ’04 && have always loved it but wanted to kno what it was about. I always thought drugs, Hotel California being a ‘shooting gallery’ for addicts or something. It was always that last part that got me. The feast being heroin, steely knives are the syringes && the beast being that hunger for the drug. && the chilling ‘you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave’ that part represents the constant struggle for former addicts to stay clean. I imagine thats what they wanted listeners to think but drugs jus didnt cover it all and your explanation makes too much sense. This song is why I took to but nothing compares to this.

  26. Thank you for putting this out G. I am new to this site but not to these subjects. You are very correct in your interpretation of Hotel California. Anton Levy was a student of Ron Hubbard (Scientology with Nazi ties) who studied the teachings of Madame Blavatsky and on and on. Luciferians are very precise. They have plans and technology that are years ahead of what we know but that’s about to come to an end.
    As far as a soul goes, LOVE (GOD) gave that to us and Lucifer cant take it because it doesn’t belong to him. Just another lie that Lucifer try’s to enslave us with. However upon Anton Levy’s death bed, rumor had it that he screamed and begged for forgiveness.
    I love your articles G. Just be careful, the powers have access to all on the web.

    1. It’s crazy you should say that “he screamed and begged for forgiveness”. I remember a cousin of mine, once told me that “every tongue shall confess”. most ppl that are evil throughout their lives, live a little longer and always confess their sins before they die.

  27. Well listen, I got so spooked last night I STOPPED LISTENING AND READING cause I was so creeped out! Lmao MY SCARY ASS! 😂😂😂😂 but G I’m loving the decipher part cause YOU GOT ME ALL IN!!!!! Its so interesting and GOOD TO KNOW. Very creepy and its cool we doing this AS HALLOWEEN APPROACHES lmao

  28. The final lyric of this song “you can check out any time you like” is posted up above the exit doors of the Hard Rock casino in Tampa. I saw it and was like ooh ok I see what yall did here, but after reading this I’m like ohhh man..

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