October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Decipher : Video & Song : Joe Budden “EXXXES”

  1. Joe is one of those artist I love because I can’t figure him out lol. But I always thought he was speaking of his intro to drugs and battling depression. How they go together but at the same time they’ll both have your head fucked up . The constant back in forth battle with those demons . 🤔

  2. Noticed that there’s always this symbolism him in white her in black then at some point I guess he surrendered they’re both in red which always symbolises sacrifice. Can’t wait for you to break it down for us G!

    1. He even mentions that they have the same tattoo which is insane. It could be some sorta addiction and he’s fighting within hisself.

  3. It could be drugs but I get the impression it may be about his feelings toward men or a man in particular because he said something like he’s everything I want to be. That could also be reminiscent of drugs. What are your thoughts, G?

  4. Sounds to me like he had feelings of wanting to be a woman or something along those lines. Them being the same person he’s claiming and that person fucking him one last time after he confesses his feelings and saying their the same person. Also in video when there both wearing the same red hoodie and hat makes me think he’s battling something within to.

  5. This song is haunting and amazingly well written. Did not listen to the video but I will assume, because it’s Joe Budden, that it is a rap. Amazing. But yeah, this song is about drugs. The reference to liking to be in front of the mirror and love and all that is about drugs for sure. When he says she has the same tattoos as him, drug use for sure. He is referring to himself and the love affair he is having with his drug. He is alone but he is not? Deep Joe. Hope he stays away from this demonic witch.

  6. i agree and i think he’s saying he knows that it’s an ugly thing and references who he becomes while on that high.

  7. This song to me explains the game (music industry) and how he finally co exist with it but eh refuses to make music again. ppl have been pushing him to make a diss back towards Em but he refuses and keeps saying hes not going back.

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