July 1, 2022

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59 thoughts on “The Truth About How The Industry’s Biggest Stars Stole Amerie’s Sound and Ran her Out of Music

  1. Her first record was truly a classic! No matter what anyone says, that album does not get the credit it deserves!!! It was filled was timeless songs that still bump today! I feel like she went a different route on her second album that didn’t hold true to the style of her first album. I hate that she didn’t take off and become as big as she deserved to be!

  2. I always liked her and her music and the sound , the beats the rhythm…….. Wow I don’t know they had everybody listen to your music that ain’t fair ……. smh

    1. Man all this time I thought crazy in love and get right dodnsound similar to one thing. All makes sense for sure

  3. G you did it once again 💯Amerie without a doubt was super talented and you can see she had it and her sound was original.I remember hearing that song “1 Thing” and thinking wow this song sounds so similar to “Crazy In Love” as far as the beat but the sound really had that energy to it.I can see Beyoncé or J-Lo having this record.It’s a shame how that Illuminati Industry treat the Great Creative Artist and make these not so talented Artist Stars.

  4. 1 thing was my fav. you can listen to it cleaning the house, in ur car, working out. man it is a good song.

  5. I still follow her on IG.. She’s about to if she hasn’t already having her first baby and she still looks the same… Life out of industry is treating her better

  6. Ameries Touch album is a banger from beginning too end to his day I still listen to it but I always womdered why she never brought out any videos for those bangerz. Now i see why

  7. Thank you G ! I have been waiting for this . Certain singers have always stuck with me . Amerie and Mya I love those bitches lol but for real I remember these songs coming out and saying damn I love her sound because I play instruments. Then poof bae was gone . It’s weird because I was so young but even back then I could see how the music industry got competitive in an unhealthy way. Competition is cool but not when you feel the need to eliminate everyone in your way so you can dominate alone . It’s like that old MTV show Celebrity Death Match smh

    1. Yes I loved Amerie and the crazy thing is, I could see Beyonce singing 1 Thing and I could see her in that same video. Amerie could have gone pretty far if Rich just stayed true to what it was in the beginning but money changes everything.

  8. Wow! Just was listening to All I Have yesterday. Rich low-key did Amerie dirty by not sticking to the plan of keeping the Go Go- R&B her signature sound. They could’ve gone very far

    1. Yup! They really could have gone far but all he saw was money. He is such a dumbass they could’ve still been making hits/money. I wonder what he is doing now?

    1. That is my favorite too tied with Talking to me followed closely by I Just Died. That whole cd is still fire.

  9. 1 Thing my SHITTTTT 🔥🔥🔥 that’s a hot ass track! I remember watching Next Up videos being premiered on BET as a young teen, instant love for “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?” At first i was like why she off beat but that was a genius classic hit man. Amerie was definitely a soothing sound. Bey is tired, been tired. I liked her more in the group she put anything out now and it be hot garbage! Her love songs be the best, that other shit can gooooooo! I never even heard that Kelly song before lol

  10. Damn!!! You’re so right!!! Her first album is one I used to listen to on repeat and STILL have mixed in my library. It’s crazy now to realize the influence she had and how she was just tossed from the industry.

  11. Wow. I heard bits and pieces of the story but never the whole thing in a linear fashion. They ain’t shyt for how they did Amerie. I feel like there are similarities in this story and the one with Brandy and Darkchild. They connect with these producers and they have no loyalty. I wonder how Drake has kept 40 in his bag?

  12. Wow it’s so true amerie is my bitch I love her music I would rather have her here than beyonce

  13. I always wonder why amerie career didn’t take off. She was super pretty have a great voice.. SMH i always believed she looked better than Beyonce.

  14. But Giselle swears she is an artist! Yeah right!! She ain’t no better than Christopher Columbus

  15. Damn, i had both and always wondered why she fell off the face of the earth. When I tell you the industry aint worth a pot…

  16. I am a big fan of Amerie! Her albums are really good. 1 thing was my song!!! See till to this day I jam hard to it. She derseved way more than what they offered her. SMH. I agree with others J.Lo’s Get Right and Beyonce Crazy in love had that same sound she did for her albums. SMH, she should have been bigger star.

    Thanks for this tea, G!!! 😊

  17. Change of subject for a second… that video of Meek going in the Sixers stadium.. he looks off to me. Yes, I know he was fresh out of jail but still.

  18. Alot of Giselle’s songs from her first few albums had the Go-Go sound. I watched the documentary on Amerie and how Giselle and J Lo were stealing sounds that her and rich created. It’s sad….

  19. Giselle has done so many women dirty, she gets away with it all the time. She doesn’t work with any female artists either. Lady Gaga and shakira anyone’s wave she can ride. People hate Nicki Minaj literally for the same thing Giselle does. It blows my mind like the beyhive threw CDs at Keri hilson and she didn’t even stop them.

  20. This industry is terrible it makes me not want to listen to anyone unless they are independent….so fuckin shady 😡😡

  21. I always said “lookin so crazy” sounded just like “it’s the one thing” but I never knew which came first !!! I love Amerie, this business is so snakish and low down !

  22. That’s why she’s going ham around the band (with the ‘A’ everywhere lol) to show that that was HER style and they can copy but she’s got the juice. I live for Bey and JLO but I saw them stealing her style annnddd firmly believe Beyonce mimicked Amerie until she no longer needed to. They all did.

  23. Omg you are soooo right!!!! I never would have correlated the 2. They totally played her!! If G would’ve come out with that song it would have blew the hell up back then!! That was a classic that they totally played down. So sad and ruthless.

  24. which video came out first? 1 thing or crazy in love? because there are a lot of similarities. Even some of the same shots and similar outfits.

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