October 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Jay-Z and Aaliyah: THE REAL STORY – Part 1

  1. Wowwwww this tea! Let me find out Aaliyah is the real reason Jay and Dame fell out! Hmmm 🤔

  2. Even though jay not that handsome him and Aaliyah did look cute in pics you can tell he was in love.

    1. They were young. Ppl have fallen for and married mutual friends. Person 1 may not have been ready for the love she was ready to give… Dane just so happen to be ready.

  3. I understand the not talking ill of the dead but Aaliyah was a pass around. No different from Michele (Dr Dre and Suge Knight) and Claudette Ortiz (her two label mates). And all these women came to ruins because of it. It’s also rumored Aaliyah had a lesbian fling with Missy and shes the one who taught her how to eat nunu.

    1. Valid. I personally don’t believe in labeling anyone based on who they have dated… they were young, Rich, and powerful… what else would u expect to happen in a scene like that? And if she was bisexual, what’s the problem w that? Does it matter? I think it doesn’t.

  4. G, I have to admit that when I first followed u on IG I thought u was just a hater. I am probably the biggest Beyonce fan I know. What u have revealed has changed my mind about a lot of things. I am really shocked at what really goes on in the industry. I believe u 100%

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