October 1, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Allison Mack of Smallville Getting Charged For Sex Trafficking.

  1. Curious to know if this group and R. Kelly’s group will go down. This is sick. There’s probably many others in operation in that “circle” as well.

    1. Well R. Kelly’s cult is slowly coming to an end. People who were working for him quitting left and right.

  2. These people are under MK-Ultra a lot of times. Ritual abuse….etc. So I doubt they even are aware of what they are doing.

    1. Wow just crazy! Where can I find what Kaya from the pussycat dolls said? Is there an interview I can look up?

  3. Shit!!! WHOA! This is so crazy!! And after watching that movie Traffik with Omar Epps and Paula Patton… My nerves… Smh… Some people are so damn EVIL.

  4. This is crazy. As soon as I saw this story, I thought about the things G has talked about. This is a horrendous and sick world live in today.

    As usual you are spot on G!

  5. This world we live in is very sick and for them to ACTUALLY, LITERALLY brand these people is beyond SICK…🤒

  6. Can you get into what reality stars are into this kind of thing. I know you dont want to waste your time but I always wonder how reality stars like jersey shore, teen mom, basketball wives and etc can afford the life they lost on Instagram.

  7. Goldie Hawn, Linda Evans, as well as Sheila Johnson co-founder of B.E.T.????

    Are you saying they have their own sex rings or were part of one?

  8. Hey G when you interned at BET did you notice any signs of this. I remember you mentioned how young you were…Just curious.

  9. Its about time. Too much underground shi% be happening in hollyweird. Fame is not that serious. Success is good enough for me. All the rest of the stuff that comes with Fame goes against my spirit, morals and consciousness. They can keep it.

  10. Ok G with this being said, they”#MeToo Movement with the Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinsteinand etc, are they associated with them? In a three to six month span, all these ppl from Hollywierd (actresses and actors) came out #MeToo and after that you don’t hear anything else about it.

  11. Wonder if they’re going to mention that the chick who played Lana was the one that put Chloé on but left the group

  12. I will say that I met R. Kelly in 2012 and went to his studio in downtown Chicago. I legit had to sign a 10 page document and they scanned a copy of my ID. Looking back on it I was only 22 at the time and just wanted to party. But knowing what I know now scares the fuck outta me! And makes me wonder what I actually signed, it was so many different rooms in that studio that had bedrooms and everything in it.

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