September 29, 2022

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29 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Giselle Mass PT2

  1. As soon as I saw this yesterday I knew her people were behind it. Whenever she gets criticism there is always some indirect response to try and disprove it. As soon as people started to point out to the beyhive that she nowhere near has the impact that Michael had I.e grown arse men fainting in his presence, I knew some shit like this would pop up. So fucking contrived!

  2. Man this is insane. I’m speechless and don’t know how to respond. I wonder if people realize that Nefertiti was an African queen who enslaved our people.

    1. Nefertiti was the queen of light as well.. doing a lot of research on the queen of heaven and her relationship to lucifer

  3. This shit gets sadder by the day. To praise her as if she’s somebody God is sad. She’s good at what she does but she’s no Micheal! I just said the other day they killed him off to make her the new biggest entertainer of all time. How sad these other ppl put in so much work only to be killed off & lied on in the end just b/c they’ve either reached a certain age or won’t comply w/ everything they ask of them. Thank God for Jesus. I’ve never wanted anything so bad that it made me wanna turn my back on God & believe in man as a higher power.

    1. They didn’t kill Michael for no damn Beyonce. They killed Michael because he was exposing Tommy Mottola. Big mistake and you’re not covered.

  4. Can someone please explain the illuminati in entertainment? Yes I get that Giselles crown and her royal get up looked very demonic ill admit….but what does she get out of this? Being crowned “Queen of Light”….rich famous worshipped….but since we’re talking demons and demonic entities…. we have to remember if this is true… those who sold their souls will burn in Hell for all eternity. So these celebs are okay with the outcome as long as they have riches on earth? And btw…. she is nowhere near Michael Jackson status, never will be. Michael, Prince, and Whitney we’re untouchable in life as well as in death because we keep talking about them…. their music spirits and energy will live forever. Giselle is good but nowhere near those levels.

    1. Yeah its true! Go to Viligent That is a good starting point. Black Child Channel on You Tube got shut down. Brutha Man were exposing shit left and right!

  5. They disrectful for even trying to say she’s a better performer than MJ just throw the whole damn beyhive away smh

  6. Wow, one more reason to hate her. The connection with AEG to her is shocking. Is there a reason the second performance is not being streamed on YouTube? I love MJ but how do we know he didn’t sell his soul just like Bey? I’ve seen symbolism in his works more specifically the Thriller video which contains tons of it. He also did hand signs in his performances.

    1. Remember what you just said and put what G just posted about AEG. What did AEG did to Michael Jackson?

  7. So are we gonna ignore that Michael Jackson worshipped the same baphomet as Beyoncé does or, just ignore that since he is dead?🤔 Let’s call out both. Not just one of them 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Michael did the same thing but he stopped cooperating wit them a long time ago. Hence the child molestation stuff they were trying to destroy him. He always spoke about them trying to kill him etc before he was actually killed.

      1. Right and not to mentioned he owned half of Sony, gave Lil Richard all of his masters of his catalog, got the entire Beetles catalog, plus not to mentioned when he ran his mouth about calling Tommy Mottola The Devil (hell he wasn’t lyin about that). Plus, what he was actually was going to do about every black artist owning their work.

    2. He came to his senses and that’s why they killed him but your right still . We need to point out both because he definitely participated

      1. Right! He definitely participated. Michael was under mk ultra just like Beyoncé IS and that was the only reason he came to his senses bc he wasn’t under it anymore. Jay and Bey both own their own masters and have encouraged other artists to do the same. It seems like they have a plan as well that nobody knows about.

  8. See this why I wish I could repost certain things my g. I can’t cis you’re my girl so I just have to feel smug cos she been knowing much love keep on informing the masses xx

  9. She a great entertainer that how far it goes for me.. i would never worship another human being as no godly sample. SHE HAS her period every month like me so nAh..people who do there nuts and need to re-evaluate their lives…

  10. It’s crazy that people actually worship a human being and the nerve of a religious organization to hold a mass smdh another reason why i stop going to church because they too focused on a physical being rather than the word of god. To each it’s own.

  11. I watch youtube a lot during my overnight shifts at work. I saw a video by i wanna say earthy indigo, she did a celebrity reading on giselle. she predicts giselle will come out with a cartoon about spirituality and will gear more towards kids and tapping into ancestral spirits. If this turns out to be true we will have a bunch of mini giselles tapping in to the other side. For this kids who would watch it they would consider it “magic” and find it fascinating.

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