July 2, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Spotted At The Jay and Giselle Illuminati Party After Our Post

  1. In my opinion even if the industry deactivates her brand and tries to replace her w cardi, Cardi will never reach Nicki’s level of success bcuz shes simply ignorant, rude, and untalented. Payola can only work for some long

  2. Really doesn’t look like her. Even if she was deactivated wouldn’t her team make her look like Nicki still? She looks weird in the face like she is trying to look like Nicki. Body is covered up in this baggy outfit. So weird. And your right after you question it this pops up tell them it’s not good enough

  3. This is sad on so many levels, I’m not even a fan of hers but I wouldn’t wish this mess on anyone. Hopefully she can find her way back…whatever that means! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Her eyes and smile looked so forced and dead.

  4. I noticed her broken nails immediately in the video. Nicki Minaj with broken nails?? On what planet!? Damn Nick. Wonder if she has regrets.

    1. Didn’t even notice the broken nails, wow they really took her and reprogrammed her. She’s nothing like the woman we knew.

  5. That wasn’t Nicki. Lol! I don’t believe it. I think it was a look alike to throw us off. Smh….this is sad.

  6. She surely does like REPROGRAMMED and G you called it. Does the artist family/friends have any interaction with them after they have been reprogrammed?

  7. G is it just me or lately after a few of your post , especially the most recent few , have some people ruffled . Someone is definitely tuned in . The first thing that popped in my head was damn we just discussed this like a few other things then bam she popped out and to where of the all places

  8. I didn’t notice anything but her smile that didn’t show her teeth and sad to say idk if she’ll ever be back look at Kanye he ain’t said shit since his rant just smiles

  9. her 10years is almost over and she is not willing to adhere to her end of the deal *lets us deactivate your brand/humiliate you so your replacement can take over where you left off* i guess she always thought if she worked hard and showed how much she had to offer she would be kept in good graces but no no no no no no no baby love that is NOT how things work! when you no longer want to perform rituals and are seen as having a bad attitude along with declining numbers YOU WILL GIVE BACK WHAT WAS GIVEN TO U PLUS INTEREST!

  10. I’m so sad for her. I saw this and it felt like the damn twilight zone. That is NOT Nikki… Something definitely ain’t right. Nope.

  11. Fuck that shit, I don’t like it I don’t like it! She doesn’t smile like that! That ol granny smile I’m trying off her nails wtf is going on and you can tell her face is a lil plump from the meds perhaps? And that big ass dress? I’ve seen her wear allot of different things but that dress is swallowing her I most def could be wrong just doesn’t seem her style.

  12. Nicki was dressed like an old lady.. now this is a lady who always shows her body in some form or fashion, so this shxt is all the way off… her nails are always dolled up, and you’ll always hear her say something at least!!! She always shows her pretty teeth, and this junk just makes me sad cause I been praying for her because no matter how nasty her attitude was, she still doesn’t deserve to be disregarded because she inspired a generation & showed love to the youngins!!!!

  13. She was def reprogrammed & probably couldn’t take the pressure any more. Her body guard looks very familiar. I know G you have spoken about the parties but what do the Carters do or is it all the same?

      1. Hey Gina, I was on Instagram last night and I realize Nick Minaj and Adriana Grande both haven’t post nothing on Instagram since December 31 2017. Add up those numbers, something not right. They were close too. Let me know if I need to pay more for this tea. And I think that’s a fake Minaj in that picture. I worry about both of them. They stop posting pictures the same day. Both of them gone. A lot of people hate both of them.

      2. Mrzmeusz Adriana fanbaset is bigger than Nick Minaj. And her fans are crying for her to come back too. Everybody talking about Nick and noone is saying anything about Adriana. Nick gos missing for a while and people worry about what she’s doing Adriana gos missing the same time and noone cares to talk about her. Adriana was on top when she disappear. Love both. Just want so answers.

  14. Her mannerisms are off and her face looks swollen. I didn’t even notice the nails. The dress is out of character. Wonder how long it took to clone her because they should get a refund

  15. I dont care what anyone says. That is NOT Nicki. It could be anyone, you always see those makeup artists do their makeup and look like a celebrity. That is a look alike, her face doesnt look like that. This is awful.

  16. Poor nicki.. they got her …. let’s see what happens to her brother now .. then we will know :/

  17. My theory is yes she was reprogram… That face is too tight and wired looking for even get crazy theatric face smiling… So I think someone on her team got antsy or was pushed to make her appear at the party. Why would she be invited but not mingling with the host and hostess ijs… Clone… Making…”oh shut them up appearance” and then watch… We won’t hear or see her until this programming is complete… Hence broken nails… Still being tortured or just left being tortured with broken nails…. Either way., it is indeed strange

  18. That is not Nicki that is a look alike. I just zoomed in the picture and took a really long stare……yea that’s not her. This chick vibe is off. And she’s smiling as if it’s her first time being surrounded by celebrities. That smile alone let’s you know this isn’t the real Onika. Nicki’s unique wide pearly white smile with her pointed nose DEFINITELY was not seen in this picture nor the video. Sad to say, they might have her locked away at Illuminati hospital #1 or #2 but this chick right here, even far away you can tell that ain’t Nicki. Plus the REAL Nicki Minaj would have posted on IG what she wore to the party with the kissy face pose with a little shady caption like she does.

  19. Hey G, What do you literally mean by re programmed? Sorr, trying to get all this shit down😩 cause I know you said you wasn’t really into the clone shit so how is this different? Cause everyone keeps saying it’s “not” her?

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