July 1, 2022

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8 thoughts on “As I Stated Khloe Kardashian Did Not Steal Tristan Thompson From Jordy Craig

  1. Ughhh I wish Celebs wouldn’t waste their time @ing faces on a screen (trolls, haters, whatever the title) of. Like who the hell are you for me to even consider what you have to say?! Shut ya thirsty ass up …feenin for a response. Those type of ppl make me sick. I ignore random ppl who @ me after I’ve commented on someone else’s post & I’m not even famous. This internet gives ppl tooooo much access.

  2. It’s him who should be explaining her. It’s not whether or not he was with Jordy it’s the fact she was pregnant and he has not said anything about the child. But has talked about this one. He sees the backlash Khloe is getting he should come out and defend her by explaingwhy it looks like he is a dead beat dad in the public even though he may not be. It seems he isn’t acknowledging the child publicly

  3. Whether they were truly broken up or not probably will never be known to the public…of course she’s gonna try and make herself look halfway decent, but at the end of the day you have to be one of the most desperate woman on earth to start dating a man that has a baby on the way. No way around it! The fact that he doesn’t publicly acknowledge his first son makes it even worst. An utter a complete mess this couple. I don’t defend trifling behavior and this is by all means trifling and messy.

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