May 22, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/2/2022 Met Gala Takes

  1. Blake definitely had the best dress this year!

    Don’t see why there should be any acknowledgement between Megan, Normani, Cardi & Nicki. They don’t fuck with each other for obvious reasons… no acknowledgment is better than some messy shit like trying to throw a shoe *pathetic*! imo Normani should worry about her career it’s not going well and she’s been out for years! Btw Your chica is in her 5th year tell her to drop that album LMAOOO
    Wonder why Doja wasn’t there… would’ve loved to see her outfit.
    I don’t think anyone was actually checking for Beyoncé, she never wow’ed anyone at the Met gala.

    1. Agreed, Normani seems to be transitioning into socialite status instead of musician. She can only cry colorism for so long until the masses realize she is just lazy. She has the support but she lacks the work ethic.

  2. Normani is just bland as hell. Extremely talented but boring as hell, that’s what ruining her career.

  3. Nobody missed Beyoncé, she can’t dress anyway. Tbh only a few people were on theme and most of the looks I saw were hideous.

  4. Why wasn’t saweetie there she always looks good and my girl Blake definitely was best dressed hands down. She doesn’t get enough fashion credit she always serves

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