August 15, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/12/2022

  1. Judge Hatchett has been through so much these past few years, I hope they lock that sheriff up in prison for a long time. Happy for Monique!

  2. Dababy will not be back in my playlist. As a mixed woman, his daughters earliest memories are horrendous and it’s about every other kid, not her. I cant wait til she’s older and he gets treated like Benzino for the same exact reason. Trust me this is gonna be one talented baby. If you don’t like mixed babies, don’t make them!

  3. Bleckley County sheriff- the guy is from Cochran GA. They originally didn’t name the judge. And nope- he was not fired, so maybe now that it has been reported on who the judge was, she will get justice.

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