May 23, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4-27-2022

  1. As Doja fans should! The man abandoned her and ironically wants to put himself near her name now that she blowing up. He’s done that a few times on the low since she started getting popular, but we’ve heard nothing about him reaching out to her to apologize for not manning up to his responsibilities as her father. blogs really should be trying to figure out that tea. If anybody feels like Doja isn’t connected to her black side and suffers from self hate, he needs to be blamed for it cause it starts at home and he wasn’t there to teach her. Also if Doja wants nothing to do with him then oh well too bad for him.

    Drake fans used to get on Dennis Graham about not really being there for drake and only wanting to make things right once drake started getting the type of career Dennis hoped for and looking like a a coattail rider. It wasnt until drake really started to show that him and his dad were moving past that in life that fans fell back and were just happy they made amends and got to a good place.

  2. Janet Jackson married a billionaire and has a networth of 360 million I doubt she was pawning anything 😂

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