July 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/20/21

  1. I want to know the REAL reason Trump pardoned them. I feel like there’s more to that story. I also feel like Trump got something else up his sleeve and this new administration. Something about all this just isn’t sitting well with me.

    1. Money!! They donated a large amount of money to Donny. FYI. Donny also collected over $180M after 11/6 election. That was also one of the reasons he never conceited. He wanted more money & power

    2. LMAO did you forget everything Gigi told us about LJohnson & Camel their whorehouse was in tr45mp t0wer ? Good or bad , DONALD RECORDS EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS in his properties !

  2. Of course Marcus is gonna back Chris up
    He loves being in the back
    Lori and Michael need to quit
    Tiny needs to sit down somewhere

  3. Tekashi still up to no good

    Michael and Lori are really doing it up.

    Wasn’t Marques accused of taking part in the sexual abuse? If so, makes sense he would stand with Chris.

    When I saw Sean Paul saying that about Beyonce, I had to laugh lol. I was like, knew that already 🤣.

    Tiny, please have several seats.

  4. Michael. B and Lori really need to slow it down. They look good together but they really need to wait for a year to see if they want to make this PR. Relationship a real thing. And tiny really need to shut up and sit down somewhere. How are you going to tell another woman to leave her husband for cheating. But she wont leave her dirty ass husband. Asap and Rihanna really living their love out loud. Good for them. I really want to knew when Nicki going to leave her marriage. Theres no need for her to stay with him. She got her baby boy she always wanted. Now it’s time to throw him away. She better call Kim Kardashian for advice. I know you said on the blog that she will be following people she never follow before. Why is she following floyd Mayweather .

  5. Trump won’t do anything without a reason so I’m assuming favors and the right price.

    Tiny is funny, but if you think about it. Do you honestly think she could really leave T.I? She could never date, never have anyone else around her children.

  6. I want to know more about Trump owing foreign banks a half billion dollars!!?? Lori and Michael, how do you get engaged after 2 months?

  7. I’ve come to the point where I actually don’t even care about ASAP/Rocky anymore.If she likes it, I love it

    Is MBJ/Lori real? Why did one of the pages expose they were in separate hotel rooms & SM took down the picture temporarily?

    Also the more they post eachother, the more staged it looks. Lori didn’t even post like this in her REAL things w/Diddy, Future & the like

    I think the timing of it all a lot of ppl aren’t buying the relationship & just sees this as an opportunity for Lori to be more famous & MBJ to appear to be into BW

    Even the vacay pics look very “let’s pretend we are about to kiss since they are taking photos of us”

    Usually the ppl in the worst marriages/relationships have the best advice for others & either are too far denial in their own dysfunction or still want to prove ppl wrong but it ends up just making their situation more silly so not surprised. Toya gave good advice too & we know how long she was a sisterwife for Wayne so

    Sort of like when you make a cheating album making it seem like you’re going to leave your husband only for him to be the co-headliner w/you on tour & nobody bats an eye

    I see Funk Flex is exposing that Jay-Z/Desiree connection Monday. Ppl so far in denial they think Van Jones is responsible when had they been paying attention, when is the last time you heard Jay-Z say anything negative about 45?

  8. I think something real nasty is abt to blow up on MBJ that’s why he is doing the absolute MOST with thirsty Lori. Probably some creditable gay shit or he popped off really bad abt black women and someone has it on tape. There is a reason for all the extraness. And Lori…. this thirst Queen will do anything for the limelight, but then she acts all coy when photographed. She probably calls the paps like the Kardashian’s do.

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