May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/24/2021

    1. No it isn’t. They will get married. Its just what she wanted. Her previous weren’t marriage material. Michael is. They both need to slide Meek Mill for that shoutout. As long as he dont cheat, we all good.

  1. Of course Drake followed Chloe he’s a universal hoe
    Dua lupa is stupid I wish a I would give a guy my money
    Publicity stunt with Michael and Lori
    Good for jojo
    Salt and pepsi are wrong that’s why their career isn’t taking off
    Shocked about Soulja boy
    And why is keyshia cole so mad?

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw drake followed but I didn’t expect everybody to make such a big deal about it on other blogs lol but silly me I mean it’s drake.

    Courtney you was smashing that man when you yourself were a minor so why be shocked he’s manipulating another minor? Pervs don’t change.

  3. Salt and Pep STAY doing Spin dirty.

    Lori and Mike are moving really fast with this.

    I expect there to be blow back about JoJo coming out. Hey the girl just living her truth 🤷. At least they won’t be able to put her in a scandal. She telling people upfront she likes girls.

  4. How old is this Jojo little girl? Too young to be talking about she coming out. That’s not liberating it’s actually disturbing. Not only is a disturbing but that seems to be the agenda all the time to push that lifestyle on our children.

    1. Welp, she is definitely at the age where she is coming to terms with her sexuality. I thought she was a little older, but at 17(late teens) I think most people have a true idea of what they like. If she was younger, say 12 or 13 I might say she is still finding herself. But at 17, pretty sure she knows.

  5. I mean did Spin really think they would discuss her a whole lot? They don’t fawk with her. I believe she’s suing over the movie. The way they made her look or something to that effect. She should just move on. Them broads broke.

    I wonder how nick will deal with Jojo if she does? I can’t believer she’s ONLY 17!

    Michael and Lori. Whatever.

    These other folks idk who they are.

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