September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/28/2020

  1. Since my emails are getting no attention, I’ll start leaving messages here. Please reactivate my account. I have paid and emailed the screenshot several times. I get it’s the holidays but if yal can post, yal can check emails. Next stop… instagram!

  2. I feel like Lori and Michael already dated or something lol

    I’m glad Halle mentioned Lisa raye. She looking very miserable.

    Andre 3k not worried about these young rappers. That’s the problem now people still stuck on old shit. That man doesn’t even bother nobody. He did give props a while ago. Young thugg was too busy getting in the drama of Wayne and baby.

    That’s crazy I just saw the episode of offset on the show hot ones. He said mike Tyson house is nice and he had a whole lot of pigeons.

    Now summer summer summer how do you have the same issues with London that his bms have, but call them bitter. Exactly who are you again?! Now the BM beef I overlooked. But when she came for future BM Eliza I knew it wasn’t going to be good for her. She should’ve minded her damn bness. The negativity she putting out saying fuck 2020 and 2021 like damn. Why fuck 2021 when your baby will be born. Not only that just keep saying she wish she can rewind time like wtf. I feel bad for the unborn child seriously. London tweeted and said learn to control your emotions. It’s a mess and she needs to get “over it”. You should’ve never mixed bness with pleasure lil dust ball.

    I’m over Rihanna!

    1. I was with u on the read for everyone but don’t be over Rihanna, she don’t have any decent picks out there for her Smdh.

  3. I heard shorty told on some big homie OG blood member from NYC as for summer I dont entertain her personally she needs help something off about her wish she never sign a deal hasn’t been the same once i seen her on a mag cover with Erica voodoo i knew her mindset gone and shes summer handler londononaflop is just another industry dog ninja and avon lady badgal if your heart isn’t it in walk ma she knows who her heart really with i dont even care to discuss her she just a sponsor where he get endorsements cause his connections to her wearing her makeup and dresses and Run awau from her asap as soon as he finds him a nice looking snowwhite

  4. People are against Rihanna and ASAP because they either 1) view him as beneath her because they saw her with the billionaire 2) because they want her with someone else or 3) they still upset over controversial comments ASAP made over 5 years ago that he further clarified what he meant on and even apologized for…but racist white celebs and businesses can keep getting caught doing/saying racist things and say I’m sorry and all is forgiven…. they have history and are finally giving a relationship a shot cause lord knows Rih was always tied up in some other entanglement with someone else, now it’s ASAP turn. Happy for her and them, she always seem to be having a blast when they around each other.

    1. You are right I said earlier this year that Rihanna and Asap are great together. She always look so happy around he. Everything is not about money. She try to date people with a lot of money, it never seem to work out. You can’t buy real love. When they dated years ago I knew he was good for her. He was there with her when she dope her fashion line.

      1. Exactly and so many people are expecting her to get with someone who has a big bank account but when she was with a man who had that… a lot of people took issue with her being so pro black but was thinking about settling down with a Saudi billionaire. Anytime she spoke on black issues people tried to play her by saying “ain’t your man not even black” everybody has these rules and regulations they want her to follow when it comes to who SHE will end up with and it’s annoying lol probably why her and ASAP haven’t debuted yet cause they have to worry about people comparing bank accounts, people mentioning exes That THEY fill is a better fit based off of cute pictures and good music collaborations *like she didn’t try multiple times with them*, and many other things. She’s 32 and ready to have babies and clearly wants someone who also doesn’t have kids, she gets along with, she has history with, and I think the understanding of island roots/culture plays a part too.

  5. GOD BLESS the child Summer Walker is carrying because hunni, this kid is about to be in a world of toxicity.

    Rhianna, desperate times are calling for desperate measures huh sis? I said it before her and homeboy tried before and it ended. If the chemistry was that good beyond friendship at that point she would have never left. Rhianna is on a rebound relationship with Asap. And as per usual she is doing the swing door with exes. Yes she has history with Asap. But if we are going to use the history excuse then she should give Drake another try too. Yeah he screwed her over, but so did Chris in a major way(he beat her face) but she is cool with him. So forgive Drake and put him back on the table too. And NO I am NOT saying that she should get back with Drake, just pointing out how this is foolishness. lol.

  6. I don’t think this is a good idea for Riri.

    She doesn’t realize the level & power she has & how these wealthy yt business owners move. Riri is 30 & this IDGAF attitude was cute in her 20s but ppl have higher expectations of her now, especially when it pertains to her personal life. & her banging one of her employees whose also a colorist simply isn’t a good look

    I have my issues w/Giselle but one thing I will say is she makes sure her image & brand was on 100 especially when it came to her personal life until she couldn’t anymore w/elevator gate

    There are plenty of wealthy good looking men who aren’t colorists or racists would do right by Riri but for whatever reason she can’t seem to ever be alone for more than 5 minutes to get her self-esteem right to be in the headspace to attract it.

    Hell I’d rather Riri be w/Leo or Brad Pitt over ASAP Rocky. She’d rather stay in something toxic & beneath her just to say she has someone than be single for awhile & this simply isn’t it

    & to top it off ASAP, Chris Brown & Drake have all worked together & hung out together on several occasions which is messy in itself & I simply couldn’t do it

    I still think by far Matt Kemp is her best overall ex & never played her, disrespected her or told her business & still is the only ex who doesnt say a peep about Riri. Can’t say the same for the others. He doesn’t discuss her & prefers to keep it quiet but still plays her music when he’s up to bat

    She needs time to really be single & get her self-esteem & self worth together. Exes are exes for a reason

    There’s nobody in her inner circle who can keep their mouths shut for anything & so many ppl already are clowning whatever this is w/ASAP or praying it’s simply a rumor

    As Janet, J.Lo, Mariah Carey & others how it will end sleeping w/an employee & trying to make it legit like previous relationships

    Riri is my girl but her dating history is complete TRASH & the fact that she goes back to ALL her exes & FWB no matter how bad they’ve hurt her is completely alarming

    This whole “I can only get back w/my exes thing” is simply back tracking to me. What makes ASAP different from other rappers who have women everywhere & cheat & brag about sleeping w/Rihanna for clout like chatty patties?

    There’s something about ASAP for whatever reason she likes but it’s never a good idea to say you’re rebound is someone you’re okay w/impregnating you like WTH?

    Riri has worked her entire career to prove she’s not a flop or a one-hit wonder & how hard working she is & building a billion dollar empire but long gone are the days where she’s going to get away w/this relationship w/ASAP. If she thought the reaction to her playing Chris Brown’s song in her IG was bad, she has no idea the backlash & boycotts she’ll receive for entertaining a colorist in this climate

    It’s not so much about Riri’s dating history it’s that whatever she’s learned from those experiences, whenever she’s lonely she feels her only option is an ex & I don’t understand it

    Like Travis, she’s scared publicly to claim ASAP bc deep down she knows trying to make a FWB whose also your employee whose made colorist comments in the past in the middle of a racial & global pandemic is a disaster & a PR nightmare she isn’t prepared to handle

    1. @Reece8507 all I hear you doing right now is stating FACTS 💯. I agree with every word you said. I like Rhianna, but Sis needs to get her head space together. There is a problem when you are constantly rotating exes. Good thing Hassan doesn’t roll that way, she would put him in the rotation line up too smh.

  7. Rihanna needs to STAY away from her exes. She doesn’t even need to be friends with them. Move on and meet new people. Asap is Not worth her time. She can do so much better. He’s not on her level in so many ways. This is why she is still single. She wasted so many years bouncing around with exes, who never wanted commitment. Asap falls in the same category as Drake and Chris. She tried something different and new with Hassan and unfortunately it did not work. That’s life, but don’t back track.. move forward, and Asap should be the last dude from her past to entertain. I don’t believe he is in love with her. Maybe it’s because he’s the only “ex” who is childless. But he ain’t husband material. I’d rather be by myself. Hopefully she comes to her senses.

  8. Omg I’m so SICK of Megan and Summer
    Trump needs to go somewhere and eat roaches
    I’m glad Halle told dollar bill lisa to shut up
    Oh wow is Mike gonna join only fan’s

  9. Seems like BET always came to Rocsi rescue when it came to issues she had. Especially regarding her messing with other chicks men. They even defended Rocsi against that other black anchor on the network smh

  10. So many opinions about Rih’s love life like y’all the ones living it 🥴.
    I’m OVER Summer and Megan I don’t feel sorry for either because they put themselves in this situation.
    Orange guy has real mental issues that he refuses to acknowledge.
    Has Star Brim ever showed her baby?

  11. I feel like Nicki gave Rih her karma during summer jam. Remember the drake thing and how she got up on stage and said “at least i don’t sleep with married men” (referring to lebron and rihanna). Rih been fucking women over for YEARS, sleeping with they men then rubbing it in on social media. And lets not forget she was fuvking JayZ too. As if being a home wrecker is something to be proud of. Now she can’t find a decent man to save her life, cuz she done let everyone hit, nobody in the industry values her anymore. Like Nicki and Bey weren’t doing all that and although they marriages mat not be perfect, they were still seen as worthy enough to marry, wifey type. Rih dug her hole now she need to lay in it.

    Summer looks like she smells stale and she’s a dumb ass for getting pregnant

    Megan needs to take a break from social media. Also Michael would never date her, she too messy and masculine looking. Michael like then pretty soft girls.

  12. Are Cardi b and Star brim cool still? I notice cardi doesn’t follow her but star brim still follows cardi. I also seen star brim showing nicki love on tsr post 🤔

  13. Do we have an update on what happened between Cardi & Star Brim??? Did Cardi get forced to distance herself by her label? Nothing has been said or developed after the post back in February …. any word or update on there friendship?

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