October 4, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/1/2020

  1. Akademiks is always up in some mess… is he a F**k Boy? By now Reginae should just stay with Lucci until she gets tired of him officially….wasn’t Ellen Paige born a girl? Honestly im tired of the trans binary and all this other name changing crap! If you’re gay straight bi trans who gives a damn!? Cardi needs to move into acting the music thing is wearing thin and I hated “WAP” it was wack….F**k Lil Uzi he’s funny looking weird and he can go to hell by himself.. plus he looks like he needs a bath!

  2. No freaking sir he’s going by himself
    I have a reservation in heaven. and didn’t lucci cheat on reservation?
    And I thought Ellen Elliot or whoever was gay pansexual or a sexual whatever they call it idk

  3. Reginae is a pretty girl to me…Lil uzi has always been Hella weird to me & i always thought he was gay until the JT thing but I’m still like how she go there with him🤦🏽‍♀️ Larsa son feels a way about allat, right???

  4. Akademiks needed to go. He is the nerdy clout chaser that thought he could just talk reckless and be messy with and to anyone. Brought him down some notches.

    Summer Walker and London on da track are what toxic would be as a person. That poor baby is gonna be in trouble with these 2 as parents.

    Larsa is like a zebra, they never change their stripes. Well a hoe is gonna be a hoe.

    I agree with the owner of True Kitchen. His delivery could have been different, but people in a restaurant aren’t there to see you twerking near their table while they eat.

    I would say, why Cardi apologizing to us, they are gonna be the ones with Covid. But then I remembered her people are gonna be back in their neighborhood possible spreading Covid and being community spreaders 😬😩.

  5. Larsa is a loser. & to thot it up w/a newlywed who almost lost custody of his child for drugs & guns should tell you she is simply trying to be seen by any means necessary

    Completely pulled a Nicole Murphy by calling the paps to humiliate the wife

    Yeah lots of ppl are not feeling the ASAP Rocky/Riri News now that it’s making the yt outlets. This is so bad for business & those clips are already resurfacing of ASAP’s colorist comments & anti-BLM comments bc he lives in SOHO & Riri’s hypocrisy on social justice but will sleep w/the men who have no different views than the likes of Lil Wayne & Kanye when it’s all said & done WILL affect her bottom line just like when she had to fire Draya & make a statement about the cultural appropriation

    When was ASAP’s last hit? Bc it looks like since he’s working for Rih that this is a paid companion

    ASAP modeling for Fenty Skin isn’t as big of a deal yet since it’s new company & not as established as Fenty Beauty & Savage Fenty but trust, whenever ASAP/Riri is spotted publicly w/receipts it will be a completely different energy

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