October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/8/2020

  1. Cardi you can have a co parenting situation with offset and still be in a new relationship with someone who respects you. She just too focused on how good the dick is cause she says it all the time & let’s be honest she cares about what people will say if her and offset separate for good. She’ll get laughed at so she tries to keep up this United happy front, meanwhile he doesn’t change and she STILL gets laughed at. Do better.

  2. Damn Ice Cube going out bad.. Yaya finally got what she wanted a baby with YB.. Isn’t she like the seventh baby momma and she so young.. I feel her parents failed her she should be in college working towards a career

    1. I don’t feel like her parents failed her cause she’s grown and gonna do wtf she wanna do regardless of wat her parents say! All these kids like that! As a parent you can raise them right show them the right path and all but are they gonna do it tho??? These kids do wat they wanna do! Like how Reginae WAS in school…at least she making money that YaYa chik dickmatized & dumb af but she gotta get to the point of realizing she deserves better!

  3. Melania can’t wait to leave his ass!

    Cube really disappointed me. He played himself on this one. Badly. NBA Youngboy…that does not shock me at ALL. I could really see him purposely trying to get Wayne’s daughter pregnant, thinking it will get him in there with Young Money, lol.

    Is Lala yachting? Or is she like an unofficial “business arranger” for celebrities? Something about her and her moves has been giving me Heidi Fleiss vibes

  4. Nba young boy has too many kids. Why is his mother allowing this he’s so young he don’t need no more. Something is mentally wrong with him… sad

  5. These kids are too loose I honestly think having they having these kids for clout and financial gain. Why would nba want a baby with reginae for what. Sick. I just pray he doing well with his money cause if he ever go broke or his career calapse then, whew these female are going to regret it. Jania atleast started or own beauty line I guess she’s going well. Child support is a mother fucker tho. Ask DMX

  6. I’m not mad at ice cube… his heart was in the right place but black ppl live by emotions and ego. What can you do.

  7. Lauren need to go and get her career back up or get a fucking job… she got kids she do not need to be dealing with Diddy… Nipsey is gone and she has to be an adult about this shit… she wants a guy with a lot of money, little do she know or maybe she do dancing with these entertainment dudes anit worth it she will end up like Kim Porter. Ther are no more Nipseys especially in that industry. That’s why he’s gone. Draya too

  8. Ever since Lala got her body down she’s been out here hoeing hoeing… welp I guess choke no joke was right

  9. Something about NBA YB energy disturbs me. I don’t listen to his stuff at all. His BMs are all birds including this new one. He is not the dummy at all. He disrespects and disregard these women as if they are piece of meat and they still try to be with him. I don’t feel bad for them at all.

    Lara London, what else she do besides being up under these men? Is she still doing acting gigs? I don’t hear anything about her except when it comes these musicians and rappers who she has messed with. Draya gotta get her money too. I mean you can’t hate on that.

    I actually feel bad for Mel B. Sad.. I hope she can get it together. Most of these celebs really are living pay check to paycheck. I wish they got themselves educated on financial responsibilities as they were making money. Just as you can get can lmoney.You can lose it in same breath.

    Lala really be friends with all of these celebrity women. Damn! Lol she is not short of friends at all. She seems fun.

  10. People are funny. Ice cube is getting ridiculed. But Kim posts a “yay” pic of of 46 and KH and suddenly, the joke is on Kanye. Like people forget she was rocking with 45 for the last 4 years and people aren’t bright enough to understand that it was the same pics of 45 and Kanye, in the beginning that was leading up to that. Some how, HES the joke. He’s the joke for attempting to put his talk into action and at least fucking TRY to run against 45. But he’s the coon? I’m not saying people shoulda voted for him but he was torn to shreds like ice cube. Why should rappers and celebrities have ANY influence on the way you live day to day when you are offline? THIS SITE TAUGHT YOU THAT! Speaking in general…I’ll show myself out.

  11. Cardi you can co parent without fuckin yo baby daddy. Kim doesn’t look like she would be that into women. She might let another women eat her though. Melania look like she been tired of having to pretend to be in love with Donald. Take your life back girl!

  12. I wonder if NBA Young boy has been to the casting couch or has done rituals that he cant stomach? Are those some of the demons he could be fighting?

    1. I always think of that. G one time told us that’s why they sleep with many girls. I really doubt he mad about reginae he just was talking like guys do. Yaya is obsessed with kentrell.

  13. Cardi, girl, get with Bruno and try to have a healthy relationship for once. Let Hennsey take Kulture to see her daddy so he don’t get in your head, while you co parent.

    Melania, we would be upset too… VERY upset.

  14. I’m gonna need for NBA F***boy (that’s what I call him) to sit down somewhere and get fixed or something! And I don’t know YaYa’s life, but being one of Floyd Mayweather’s kids I would just be spoiled rich kid and mind my business and pay no attention to these ashy lil boys. But these kids today are a new breed. They’re out here living three lives at once and I’m gonna need everybody to calm down! OK rant over lol

  15. LOL USA clubs are limited so Draya must be the new ambassador — in Doobai SMDH .

    IDK Cardigan needs somebody to write her a new pop album desperately because her gangster girl image is nonexistent once she got indicted + she is rubbing shoulders with Latinx lobbying SuperPAC , watch her pull a Pitbull / Bruno type pivot move SMDH .

    IDK but did Vaughn and NBA get ritual INTO the industry and now OUT OF the industry and NBA sees the writing on the wall , now look who is rubbing shoulders with Aubrey SMDH , all that drama just to go back and forth to LA and ATL performing at dwindling hole in the wall venues , dodge bullets and pop opioids to cope with reality doesnt seems worth it after all !

    Ms Anthony still turnt ? LOL they are all getting divorce at the same time seems convenient , WHY WAS KKW really at the oval office for maybe for the FLOTUS IDK ALLEGEDLY .

    FLOTUS cant quit Donald yet she got 1st part of her wish (Jeffrey) now she has to hang on until she gets the 2nd part (Maxwell) THEN she can get fired , and Neenee can slide right into her vacant position IDK ALLEGEDLY .

    Need medical why not date a family that has hospitals named after them ? IDK Seleena might want to stick with Abel , the Kennedees Klan are a different breed , notice Tay has been quiet ever since she ALLEGEDLY went to the Vinyard (did she get punished for her political outbursts) ?

    SMH what does Scaree even spend money on , besides her self medicine ?

    ” Craig ” is an founder of a real sports league , so him getting a CBA agreement ( for the diaspora ) in principle with ANY POTUS is always a good thing , do you really expect MJ Earvin Tyler Harpo etc to do anything tangible for us by us , Donald showed that at least he would get Pebble out of jail etc if you ask him to so IDK what Roly Poly is talking about he hates on anything he cant backstab and sell out over so ALLEGEDLY .

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