October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Heaven Knows Everything

  1. Listen MORE ON ICE CUBE PLEASE!!! It’s always good to hear stuff about him he’s hardly on the blog. This was some good tea tho.

    1. Devante was in the group Jodeci. He is the main producer of Jodeci, one of the sex symbols of the group. He and Mr.Dalvin are brothers. His dad was a gospel singer. Devante was one of most popular producers in the early to mid 90s. He had collective called Da Bassment which had Tweet and her group, Missy and her group, Ginuwine, Timbaland, and Magoo.

  2. Biggie locking Kim in the house. Reminds me of Mariah Carey been locked in a house. A lot of the women are hostages😩. Like Beyoncé and I think lil durk girlfriend is one too😂

    1. Yes lord! I ain’t no spelling bee champ or anything. But hell when I had a blog I made sure that my speech and grammar was up to par. It’s hard to understand these sentences sometimes.

  3. The grammar was a headache but this was good tea. First off, I’m sad about Bon Jovi being racist. Not shocked but damn…

    Pink used to get down like that?? Jeez..I don’t blame her with Devante.. He was so sexy back in the days

    Who is surprised by Tom Cruise. I would love to know more about that fool.

    1. Usually I can bypass the spelling errors, but this was bad. It was tough to read. It had taken me about a minute to realize you were talking about the Ride video. Do better!!

    1. Right! I offered to proofread for FREE and she never got back to me. The shoddy writing and typos degrade the blog!

  4. Ellen knows she is trash. She put ALL the blame on those producers. But she knows that she was the ring leader of the mess.

    That was a fun fact about Mariah’s Glitter album.

  5. This was juicy. That damn diddy is a muthafucka. Every since y’all started telling the truth about him I can’t stand to look at him. Please more on cube. I’ve always wondered if he is down

  6. Also. I would love more on jodeci. That was my favorite group. I see diddy ruined them. Falcon and Devante were the best producers and writes back then. They should be balling right now. It seems like Dalvin is the only one who does not a substance abuse problem. He could be hiding it well though

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