October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents Heaven Knows Everything

  1. The best tea ever!!!! Say it ain’t so Todd, i knew it!!! Latoya participated in threesomes😳😳😳😳 man this shit hea was goodt!!!! Who latoya hubby cheated with???

  2. I knew Lebron would be creeping sooner or later… I honestly didn’t think the rules applied to him.

    I wonder what’s up with Jill Scott, I thought she was team “save your soul” 😕

  3. Heaven I wasn’t ready for all of this tea!!!! Yeah Kayne needed some Kat to simmer down for real!!! Chile a few of these folks are shocking me with them skeletons in their closets ( Jill, Talib👀) Letoya in love with being in loved and getting played everytime.

  4. 🔥🔥🔥 post!!! Say it ain’t so Todd… LaToya 🤦🏾‍♀️, that explains why Miley was acting silly- she was groomed

    I heard the jaguar Wright interview this morning and it’s personal with her and Jill. Former best friend taking her leftovers… Jag seems just as dirty if you ask me – she said she would leave the girls on the bus knowing what would happen to them once she left

  5. I always knew Todd half pint ass was no good. His bestie was Peter and we already know how he roll. I think Kandi knows though. Won’t be surprised if she has her own dirt.

  6. Mulatto needs to call out Jermaine Depree, especially how he disrespected for female rappers saying its all stripper music, the nerve!

  7. Letoya Luckett, wow Im shocked. Threesomes with TI and Tiny. Never would think that of her. If anything I would think she would be down with Luda and his wife.

  8. Todd??? I need ya’ll to elaborate a bit more about this tea on Todd and Kandi. I am sure Kandi knows and probably gets down with them every once in a while.

  9. Jaguar Wright is very talented, but her personality is nauseating 🤢. Maybe she’s the reason why her career never made it far. I wonder when her dirt will be dug up 😎? Is TIP’s d**k dipped in gold? Is Tiny’s 👅 tongue certified platinum? Who haven’t they had a threesome with? Is that the requirement to appear on The Family Hustle? Todd’s sextape is no surprise Kandi may have been the one recording and directing it. (If it ever sees the light of day Kandi will somehow make a profit off of it….Bravo TV Presents: Kandi and Todd Make A Sextape executive produced by Andy Cohen 😂)

  10. Jaguar was on to something as it relates to Summer or at least it seemed that way. Until Summer snapped on her. But let’s be honest it does seem odd for her to not be capable of touring and her response is like I’m an introvert & ppl energy be weird. Owe okden! 😒
    If u ask me Lebron is a smart ass cheater. Okay can’t bring hoes in, cool – let me find a reporter to whore out! Ya gotta give him some credit for being imaginative! Lol 🙃
    Rhi is back on dude cock she acting super regular degular after him and his family shitted on her!
    If Latoya lame ass big booty husband is cheating then that EXPLAINS his post – let us pray they weather the storm!!!
    Furthermore let y’all tell it everybody has been in on 3 somes with the 2 T’s … Y’all said the same about pigeon toed ass Toya with TIP & TINY. Lord what do they do to reel these ppl into there bedroom. 😩🙊

  11. Jaguar a wannabe Lauryn Hill? Nah. Jag is Jag and she might be rough around the edges but at least she’s brave enough to speak up and not on no goofy shit.

  12. I remember jaguar now I had to go to YouTube real quick.

    Jill Scott seems like a sneaky witch that only comes when shit gets real. I always got that vibe from her before erykah badu.

    I’m rooting for mulatto. That’s gross Ugh Jermaine.

    Rihanna needs to go back home and chill for a bit. I wouldn’t go back to no damn Hassan.

    So Kim being stingy.😒

    I remember me saying to myself well Miley bf 20 mine was 18 lol I was in high school then.

  13. Lol I don’t want to see a Todd sextape!! Poor kandi. The mama was right.

    I really want Rih to be happy & I feel he’s the one for her.

  14. -I think Todd and Kandi have threesomes all the time, which is fine until Todd falls for the other woman.
    – I hope Letoya ain’t eat Tiny pussy cause even though Tiny is talented, she look like her pussy stinks.
    -Why is it every time I like, somebody they disappoint me (aunty Jill, Usher, Letoya) 😔

    1. If I were Toya I would’ve opted for a 3some with Luda and Eudoxie. At least they look good lol.

      Jaguar Wright’s oldest son died a few years ago. Was it a sacrifice? Is she bitter because she sacrificed her son and still didn’t blow up? 🤔

  15. I knew Todd had a wandering eye…I heard LaToya’s husband is an abusive cheat. She’s about to have their second kid. Chile…

  16. I watched Jag’s IG. I wish her the best. The thing is about R. Kelly, we all knew since his “marriage” to Aaliyah, we chose to ignored because he is musically gifted. We forget these people are human, even the “conscious” ones. I agree with one of the posters, if you going do a threesome, do it with Luda and Eudoxie.

  17. Wow wasn’t ready to ready that about Mulatto and JD but let’s be real all of these industry label owners are all perverts! Thank God she is doing fine without him The Rap Game was only a stepping stool for her to fly

  18. Not Todd cheating I thought Kandi was the “sex queen”!! Todd seem like he around Kandi for her $$ ..& Letoya Luckett?? ain’t she preggo 😩🤭

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