September 30, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/29

  1. Evelyn is a OG thot.. Harvey Weinstein needs to be locked up.. I don’t know who this porn star is but he need to be locked up too.. I feel bad for Lamar he seems like a good person just had some rough patches in life.. I hope he wakes up and see that woman is no good for him

  2. Ron Jeremy has always gave me creep vibes.

    Yeah, I don’t believe Marc and Evelyn have absolutely nothing going on. I believe at the very least they have smashed.

    Those women need to not take the settlement money. That will only make the naysayers think that’s what they were after all along. Let Harvey for in jail.

    Kanye is baffled 🤣?

    Poor Lamar can’t seem to get it right.

  3. So Lamar have 2 babymothers? I’m confused on where this one came from. But I’m glad she speaking up too. I hope he wake up. He don’t deserve to get played like that.

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