October 4, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 7/30/2020

  1. Rih and Bey only sent meg those cards because they have music and skin care coming out tonight. Promote promote meg.

    Meek got so skinny, but who did he get pregnant?

    I believe Lil Wayne said that.

    I keep seeing people say joie is pregnant again as well.

  2. Please spill the tea on Meek he seems to be moving weird lately I saw a post that said date her in private but dump her in the public which doesn’t seem 100% legit …. although it seems like it ended much faster than it started… if Oneeka is still in communication with him FAT WOW after all that clowning in the store between him n Meek – Yikes!
    I’ll be glad when the full story come out on Meg n Tory ass bc dude getting dragged & we haven’t confirmed why! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Something about this Meg getting shot at don’t add up. I feel like there is more to the story. The whole Rihanna thing, that’s a case of people choose who they want to be mad at. Be consistent, firing Draya for what she said, keep the same energy for ASAP Rocky and fabulous.

  4. I find it hard to believe that Nicki would still communicate with meek after all the stunts he’s pulled. He was literally on twitter calling her brother a pedophile & basically saying she didn’t care and was still supporting him for the whole world to see! Then of course the fight inside the store, if they was still talking I’m sure he would’ve blasted it then and there. I think Nicki is making changes to her team because of how they was running they mouth before she announced her pregnancy, and people just trying to be petty & messy and vengeful toward Nicki.

    Ironically there’s a story going around that meek has another baby on the way and that’s why him and Milano broke up…I can see people trying to say that the baby on the way is with Nicki if that story picks up traction. Now IF any of this was to be true about meek and Nicki…then Nicki would lose ALOT of respect from me. Cause she would have learned nothing from all this BS meek has caused her life.

    I can’t see Wayne dissing Nicki like that, they have to much love and respect for one another. What about Chanel West Coast? She always on social media acting like she’s bigger than what she is and she’s a rapper with young money as well. Idk when Wayne had this fling with the woman and how long it was for but…. 👀

  5. I don’t understand why Riri is getting backlash. She’s a DV victim. & Megan is also a Savage Fenty ambassador (which is Riri’s company) so how would any of that look if she didn’t do anything?

    I’m so over ppl & their obsession w/Rih

    The main source of the hatred is they’re jealous their fave has been in this game 20+ years & everything outside of music has flopped & now finally the sales aren’t there anymore so these stunts have her on thin ice w/this Disney venture

    They can’t talk about her music or how Giselle rushed to do an Afro beats inspired album & videos that flopped after Riri said she’s doing a reggae album knowing nothing about the culture or history when you have a foreign born entertainer who nails all dancehall tracks

    The ASAP Rocky thing doesn’t bother me. Bc like Travis, whatever is or isn’t happening it isn’t serious enough for Riri to acknowledge. & I’m sure the Kardashians already have feelers out to see when ASAP can start spending time w/them. To this day, she’s only claimed Chris Brown, Matt Kemp & Hassan as actual boyfriends in her interviews

    This narrative that Giselle can only be the successful black woman is getting old. Disney has Giselle out here looking crazy doing crazy promo for an album that came out over a year ago to promote yet another visual album when she’s a mute

    A lot must be riding on this like it’s make or break for Giselle or any opportunities outside of music will dry up is strange. Disney even stopped the free trial in hopes they’ll get all these new subscribers

    1st it’s the crazies trending some yt Skin cream bc they were jealous of Riri’s skincare line.

    Then ppl were shading Savage Fenty when Jay-Z is an investor & Giselle’s top dance Captain Ashley Everett was a Savage Fenty ambassador. & ChloexHalle received Fenty Skin products this week so it’s even more hilarious that Rih gets all this hate yet everyone Giselle promotes & is married to still attaches themselves to Rih & Giselle nor her fans can stand it

    Everything comes back to Rihanna

    Rih’s tweet from 2012 that said every tongue that lashed against her won’t prosper is coming to fruition for all these ppl so they have nothing else to do but hate

    If they went this hard & actually bought Giselle’s albums & clothes instead of worshiping her like she’s a God & bullying ppl on SM, perhaps they could leave Rihanna alone. It’s been 15 years & every sabotage attempt against her has failed tremendously

    The Anti album is still charting 4.5 years later after that leak debacle

    It’s truly a testament w/the bulk of the issues she’s had in the music industry she not only bounced back but is on track to be a billionaire in her fashion, makeup & skincare lines alone & owns at least $50 of each of the companies where most of these celebs only get 5-15% ownership & is one of few celebs involved in every aspect of the companies down to the designs, testing & packaging

    Oh yeah & she also received an Emmy nomination this week. That Rihanna reign won’t let up

    I can’t wait for whatever the next Fenty rollout is

  6. This was good if she was contacting him I wonder I’m gods name for what reason it would have been ? I hope to squash their beef and not on any reconnect type of shit.

  7. Hmmm Well on one hand they are right about Rihanna. If she dropped Draya for insensitivity towards DV all the others need to be dropped too. Rihanna shouldn’t play favorites if she is showing DV is unacceptable. But we know people in that industry never play fair and it is Rhianna’s company. She the boss she can do what she wants.

    To be fair, it looks like that little girl stretched her foot to be near Drake’s 😂. Meaning he could care less and she wants to show out.In other words, she is doing the things you would expect a girl coming straight out her teenage years to do to claim her man…”Look we are twinning” 🤣. Chile, I get Drake is flinging, but homie needs to find chics closer to his age to fling with😂. Messing with a girl who just became legal to drink is for the birds.

    Man, I was really rooting for David(Tamar’s man). He seemed genuine. Hate to hear he is a toxic leech.

    I am not necessarily a fan of either, but I don’t believe Nicki contacted Messy Meek.

    1. I said the same thing about rih, but it is what it is draya has her own company and been a boss too sooooo who cares. Like draya is known for saying wild stuff when she get attention.

  8. I think beatings by Dre would rather put that woman 9 feet under, than to give her half if his Fortune. That’s how dangerous he is

  9. Why does Nicki act like she’s so above being a hoe ‘with miles’ when we all know she down with the get down.

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