September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/1/2020

  1. Man August is a diff breed cause I’m still trynna live round hea! Fuck allat stupid shit he talkn🥴

    1. I’m also confused at August hair🤔 And ion kno y Tisha hard body ass saying anything cause ddnt she lie on Martin🤔

      1. She still mad at the relation Will had with her husband Duane or whatever…remember they were BEST FRIENDS until that shit was in the cover of a rag mag as the headline… there’s more stuff too… check the NCYDK ig page or archives here..

  2. People blaming August for talking but he’s a baby… if he’s just 26 now, she got him all the way twisted 5 years ago! He’s hurting hurting… I feel like they are using him as the reason they may divorce. G, I agree, I hope he can hold it together. And no, I ain’t never had the D I was ready to die for.. maybe kill over but not be happy I just had it. Nerp!

  3. Liza koshy as in the youtuber that was also in Tyler Perry Halloween madea movie? I figured at some point one of these Hollywood peeps would get her a**

    1. I definitely feel like Will and Jada preyed on this young man. I can see why he dealt with her though, him having mommy issues and all. Either way it’s still weird.

      Poor baby! I truly hope he gets past this.
      (I still think he’s annoying, not for this just in general) sorry I had to say this, I couldn’t help it. I kind of feel the same about him as I do about them. From the first time I heard him speak, I was like nope! Somethings off.


      I’ve side eyed Will and Jada for a long time now, and will continue to. They don’t fool me one bit.

      Btw, if the D is doing all of that I don’t want it! No thank you! I’ve got shit to do. 😂

  4. I haven’t had any penis that good but I wonder what it would be like hell this fool said if he die tomorrow hell we can keep living and keep it on the low lol 😂

  5. Will jada just give it up
    Duane and will we’re exposed in that book who’s hiding in hip hop tell all
    Poor August prayers for him
    Paris you done lost ur mind! Disrespecting my Lord and savior Jesus Christ like that

  6. liza kosky?? that goofy looking ass girl? didnt he fire her?? i swear will and jada will smash anything

    1. Where did he fire her from ? This my first time hearing about her. I had to go google her.

  7. Welp here we are lol. Never thought this Jada/Will situation would have ever made it out of the shadows. Who knew August would be the trigger man to blow it out the water. You can tell the way August spoke he meant no ill intentions. He was just being honest about how he felt. We knew Jada was gonna lie and deflect. Her and Will don’t want the masses knowing how they get down. August better watch his back. Jada and Will might try to make him look crazy.

  8. Can y’all please proof read before posting? Still love the blog, it can just be confusing at times

  9. They are the black Clintons. This Young man is beyond fragile. He may harm himself. No Dick or pum pum should end a life

  10. Tisha needs to worry about her scissor sister Tichina. They trying to make August look like a liar but we know the truth.

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