October 4, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/11/2020

  1. Shit us on this blog kno wats up with Will & Jada so idk y Will so mad when he been cheating all along too!

  2. Still chuckling at how Will left Jada out to dry but he still got clowned lol. He would’ve been better off coming clean about his pieces but they pride is too in the way smfh

  3. Hanks received an honorary citizenship in Greece the end of last year. Plus Greece has no extradition policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more celebrities flee the US

  4. Think about this on the flip, Jada been emotionally clowning Will since the beginning of their relationship. Remember how she used to dress slutty when they were dating because she wanted him to “understand “ she was his woman blah blah blah. Not to mention the whole Tupac thing, not wanting to get married, always taking low key jabs at him because he was more successful, constantly being upset that he didn’t know how to love her in the way she wanted (because of PAC?) 🤷🏽‍♀️Will was no angel but imagine taking all of her emotional bullshit and she be the one to bring this damage upon their family and his reputation. Yes we knew the real, but now it’s an undeniable truth that has to be dealt with. That man is a libra and this ain’t sitting right with him AT ALL.

    1. All of this! Jada seems very manipulative and very skilled in gaslighting. If Will only knew what he was gonna get himself into with her lil hot tail

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Plus didn’t G state in one of the posts that Jada laughed at Will and neved took him seriously as Someone she would date. Jada is manipulative af and I’ve always thought something was off about her. It her.It doesn’t sit right with me.

    3. Someone mentioned on Twitter the other day that Jada has said on other episodes of RTT that she was miserable on their wedding day, it’s hard being married to him, etc. Sheesh!

  5. Tom and his wife are clones. He is still arrested and I believe either he is waiting on his tribunal or he is dead. Yall ain’t got to believe me…Imma keep on walking me and white hat .

  6. Chile, I don’t think Will and Jada will last the year. Men will cheat and disrespect you but when you do it back and everyone knows? They get upset. If Jada is in fact a witch, she needs to do a spell to get August to shut the fuck up. He’s nothing but a bitch ass and he purposely blew up her spot because she went back to Will. You cannot deal with secrets with hood people. Hate to see them go out like this. I tell you, putting your marriage up for public consumption always ends badly.

  7. August is starting to get on my nerves. He wanted to come at KeKe about not minding the business that pays her yet here he is again about spilling all his business. He did this back in the day over his beef with Trey Songz. He went off on the 106&Park host because she asked but we only knew because of him

  8. Will is going about this as if she’s in the wrong or something 🥴🥴. He was doing the same thing and still is. I’m seeing a lot of people dog Jada and hold up like he’s the image of a perfect man or something lmao.

    1. Fuck him that’s what he get for allowing her to have the power when he was married to his first wife. Jada have a complex about her.

  9. QC label on a whole different vibe right now. One of their artist got shot yesterday. And that’s an artist not too many people know about smh it weird how jt keep announcing deaths tf is going on.

  10. Oh well let August speak. He has a right to say his piece. Will and Jada been playing this game too long. It was bound to come out. It needs to come out so people will realize these Hollywood “marriages” are straight bull💩. And the two of them just need to divorce. Because we here(on the blog) know the tunnel on their secrets run deep, the general public about to find out more on the Smiths.

    1. And Cardi and Meg really filmed a video during a pandemic 🤣🤣? I guess it was a social distance video 🤣.

      1. People are still shooting videos and all. People are still going to clubs and listening parties. I guess if they all took tests and were negative, I don’t see why they wouldn’t go ahead and shoot a real music video 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Exactly! They are so wrong for downplaying the situation and hurt feelings of an emotionally challenged younger guy they called ” family”. Yes he played his part, but hes younger and less mentally fit than them. Jada took advantage. I’m mad, this was the Smith’s opportunity to finally come clean with the truth, the whole truth of their open marriage and they fumbled the ball. They could be set free from their need to continue lying, but nope their egos killed it. I’m disappointed in them…very disappointed.

      2. I think I would’ve preferred them to not even address it than what they gave us smh. This isn’t even my business or relationship, but I’m hurt over it. Poor August, but he still needs to be popped

  11. I ain’t gonna blame either of them in this. Both Will and Jada were wrong for each other. I just don’t understand why Will is going around acting like he is a saint. They made a mistake of not making August sign a NDA.. He was not mature enough to deal with I guess. Young ass man who just talks too much

  12. I hope August promotes his album and keep it pushing, no matter what he says, Jada and Will keep a “United” front. I feel sorry Anaya’s family, the industry is harsh. Snoop, please be quiet.

  13. August has until august month to spill all. I have a bad feeling about Naya. I mean the first 24 hours are critical

  14. Has anyone peeped the rating for this ref table show? IMO, that’s all this is 4! Where is Naya? My heart breaks for her family.

  15. I’m annoyed af with Jada and Will to but by default since he didn’t come clean either. Jada is manipulative af and she’s wrong as hell for what she did to August. If it was a man that did this to a woman, the narrative would be sooo different but because the predator is a woman, everyone is clowning the situation. I’m annoyed.

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