September 30, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/5/2020

    1. Yachting involves women (usually), who offer themselves for paid companionship on a yacht usually for the season.

  1. Let’s be real Kim started that college fund in Kanye’s name. Kanye doesn’t have that in him anymore.

    1. I sometimes feel like it’s okay, the man fought when it was not in season, it’s easy for all these celebs to talk trash now because no one fears or respects Trump and playing the “woke card” helps your career, but Kanye spoke up at a time where doing so killed your career and that crazy monster Bush was in office. If he wants to rest now, I understand.

  2. I don’t think Roger can mention Kaep. I think that non disclosure between them is the reason why.

  3. I want Nicki to be a mother I just didn’t want it to be with this dude. Oh well too late now. Congrats to her.

  4. Adele is it really that bad that you would stoop to getting screwed in a car. Have some pride girl.

  5. My mother always said your light bulb is turned on when you have a baby. Maybe Nick’s new blessing will let her see her man for who he really is. She will at least gain an angel out the deal. Damn Adel not the backseat buss down.

    1. Ash22milli@ I dream that her and nas was talking on the low. Wow. I know I’m not telling lies. My dreams are real.

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