September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/8/2020

  1. People are going in on Stassie and Kristen. Both post “ Apology“ at the same time. Bunch of BS. Sharon Stone I hope not. I always like her. Evelyn would defend Carl because she’s getting up there in age and know she can’t snatch a ball player like she use too. Wasn’t Evelyn defending Chad also earlier?

  2. I hope Rih allows herself to heal after Hassan, because she can easily go down the rabbbit hole.

  3. Leo and Rih should just be a couple! They would be dope AF I bet he’ll have kids then if it’s by Rihanna lol! F*** what his mama got to say.

    Seems like when rih is really invested in someone she flys off the handle a bit trying to cope with the loss of love by partying and having meaningless hook ups.

    1. Riri never dated Leo , he even sued pres who said she was pregnant for him , fucking its not dating

  4. Rhi dont need Leo Racist ass. Evelyn always lookin for a quick check. I hope Mra Beiber isn’t prego, they dont need a child right now.

  5. Leo is the last person Rhi needs to see. She needs to head down to the islands and let that hurt go. Heal from the break up, before she does something stupid.

  6. Rihanna is toxic AF. Kim is lame because people would probably respect your more if you just kept it real and said, I hate him during this quarantine. Just shows how fake their relationship is because when you barely saw him, things were good. Now you have to be around him and y’all are two sneezes from a divorce. Like come on! They need to cancel Vanderpump rules in general because Lisa knew them grown ass people were racist. Poor Hailey, that baby won’t keep Justin mentally there. He is so damaged from being molested, he can’t love anyone, not even that kid. And what a hypocrite he would be, raising a kid in that industry after he came out saying what he said. Hollywood is fucked up.

    1. Right Kim been blowing me about Kanye like girl tf that’s who you with deal with him. She’s toxic too

  7. That’s a shame about Sharon Stone, reportedly her IQ is genius level. Kind of makes you wonder about that old saying “there’s a fine line between genius and insanity” or something like that.

  8. Yal really in these comments telling international R&B/Pop Star RIHANNA to go back to Barbados to get over a break up? Do ya hear yaselves? Lmao

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