September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/2/2020

  1. They should have dragged Beyoncé bc she jumped on the bandwagon when she saw every other ig person responding in outrage the RIRi posted thff Ed n two days later she post and stupid people think it’s gospel.

  2. Its nothing genuine about what most of these celebrities have been doing. They just wanna stay in the good graces of their fans so when all of this die down they’ll still have support from the fans. They all fake if you ask me with an exception of a few.

    1. They need to be dragging Trump out of the whitehouse… hopefully these people drag their butts down to the polls and get some of these KKKlansmen out of the local positions.

    1. You’re not alone. It is a laugh of the insanity. That no matter what you do/say or dont, you will probably get dragged, lol.

  3. People are dragging just to be dragging. Internet is a joke!

    Although, these celebrities don’t do anything genuine so you can’t take them serious. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. I agree!! Like I can’t take anything on the internet or celebrities serious. Who planned this black out day the day Hilary supposedly in court and your suppose to vote (not that that really matters). Trump got his people out to vote for him for Nov. while we was doing what we did during the last 4 publicize black murders…. FALL INTO THE TRAP

  4. I wish ppl would stop expecting so much from celebs. Black or not, most of them can’t relate to the struggle of the everyday black person. They feel this struggle is beneath them. Honestly fuck these celebs. 🤷🏽‍♀️Most that are commenting only do so for clout. But when it comes down to it none of them wanna bite the hands that feed them. See the latest posts/tweets from LL cool j and diddy to see what I mean.

  5. Beyoncé looked like a robot and it seemed like she was told by someone what to say. Rihanna is definitely more genuine and wants to help people even if it doesn’t make the news.

  6. The only one that I am a 100% for is Flex dragging Jay! Cause he was the main one getting in bed with the NFL saying that Kap’s method is old news and everyone chirped along with him like birds & swore you had to “get a seat at the table” in order to turn stuff around…and then nothing happened & kapernick is still without a job… he trying to play clean up acting like he made personal calls demanding justice for George Floyd, GTFOH! If he did call that man it was on some scratch my back I scratch yours, and make us both look good type s***.

  7. The draggathon😂😂! People need to stop looking to celebrities when things like this go down. Half of them have a brain of a pea and can’t speak about, let alone understand world events. The other half just do it because the fans are watching and they still want support when it does down. All of it is disingenuous and insincere if you ask me.

  8. Fuck the public dragging them!what about those record label executives and the radical mofos they working for? Why they ain’t calling them out all those people who pay them? I’m just saying.

  9. No, black people are dragging drake because as big as he is, he has no issue professing his love for the women he chases but is often silent on black issues.
    He never makes a big deal of them, ever. Sure he may have said something here or there but he’s never fought for black issues and we all see it.
    Sure hes suffered severe identity issues and was rejected as a child, but don’t be black on stage and in the studio then Jewish when shit goes down.
    He is the reason no one considers him black excellence, because he doesn’t show face for his FATHER’S people and never has.
    Drake has always played it safe and always will!
    He’s non confrontational in nature and gets people to fight for him which is where the lack of respect comes from.
    That’s why he’s dragged.

  10. People need to stop idolizing these celebs. These celebs work for companies that dislike us, so how genuine are those posts, donations and signatures. Another cause asking people to donate to large organizations run by who? Come on! Everyone of them is like click the link. HOw many of these huge celebs, and I mean super huge, other than Ariana grande has been out protesting? And that was once, so we don’t know if she did that for photo op. None. But you praise Rihanna? The loud donator. Or call beyonce a robot because she wrote her speech. Where them Kardashians at? Or drake because he like black women and culture. He serves a bigger demon that we know. Like another person said, on the same day Hilary was in court. We have to start being more smarter and leaving these celebs where they at. In the dust.

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