October 3, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Heaven Hollywood Celebrity News Report

  1. Now things are beginning to add up. Rih and Travis. Drake and Kylie. Lawd the whole industry just be rotating.
    Kylie and her family have done it not done something to be humiliated like this. With the power that they have always had over media and manipulation, you mean to tell me they’re allowing her to be humiliated like this. Thanks for the ☕️!

  2. And Now Rih can clown Drake right back over his BabyMama, and mention how everyone laughs at him over her. Could’ve had me as your BM but you got Her, hahaha!

  3. How can you not mean to sleep with Him ? Riri was 26-27 at the time she has no excuses. She was giving up them cookies with no hesitation.

    1. Exactly, i dnt understand wats so funny about Rih sleeping with him anyway🤔 Drake bm just look funny to me idk wat it is but she ain’t it😩

      1. Right there are uglier men out there. Travis is not even ugly. And I’m talking about regular regular men on a daily.

  4. Forbes really embarrassed themselves the girl is still basically a billionaire or at least will be within the next 2 years.
    The George Floyd case gets more and more interesting, all 4 of the cops deserve prison for murder
    Bitches like Lori Harvey need to keep they mouth shut if they want the little bit of clout they do have. Cause celebrity worship is dying by the day.
    If I was rihanna I’d be ashamed too. I’d NEVER with Travis. Lmao

  5. Drake can’t be that serious about this NEW girl, when he was dating the model at the same time. He was supposed to be “serious” about that model too.And we seen where that went. Drake is flinging per usual 😂.

    Drake is in NO position to clown anyone about who they date/sleep with. Has he NOT paid attention to his child’s mother.

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