October 4, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes: Did Lana Del Ray Leak Doja Cat’s Old Racist Antics on Snap Chat and Twitter?

  1. This makes me so sad 😢. I like Doja… Smh. The fact that her team hasn’t even responded to any of this is even worse. So I am guessing this will probably end her. Another one bites the dust.

  2. Whew. So a couple of things: 1st fucking black men doesn’t exempt you from being racist. White slave owners fucked and raped black women all the time. Of course they were racist. For centuries, black bodies have been a source of sexual obsession based on the centuries old stereotype that black people are oversexed. My litmus test for whether or not someone is racist against black people: ask them if they feel descendants of slavery deserve reparations. That will clear it up quickly. If someone is against true equality, like most White people are then they are racist. Period. 2nd of all, Doja Cat is a result of what generally happens when biracial children are born and raised predominantly in white environments. I have more but I just can’t right now. Neither of them are worth a damn to me.

    1. Exactly ! Just because she sucks Black dick doesn’t mean she likes Black Women ! Fuck Both of them

    2. Right! Look at how many white women and men fucked black slaves but would have them mfs lynched in a minute. And not everyone wants black men.. that’s a reach😂

  3. Doja ain’t going anywhere y’all didn’t cancel cardi. Y’all saying she used the barbz for a number nope barbz did that for nicki only. Some barbz such as myself did it for nicki and doja.

  4. Damn she went from getting praised for having a number one song to everybody boycotting her and her music. YIKES!

  5. I don’t care, her music is a different vibe on every song. I’m tired of twerk, trap and stripper music. The only great female rapper to give different vibes is nicki. They ain’t gonna try to have me stuck with just cardi and megan, cuz im sure as hell most of our favs still mess with the real racist and paedophiles of the industry. I’m gonna still listen to what sounds good cuz before all these internet blogs we knew nothing of artists unless they gave an interview.

  6. And no one can say she used the barbs for a #1 i love nicki but lets be real, that song was top 5 without her. Barbs went hard because they saw that they had a head start. I stan nicki but that song did and sounded well without her.

  7. The song wasn’t about Sandra Bland at all. It was about her smoking weed and not doing nothing all day hence the play on words with the phrase. Also did anyone peep that in that video chat there was a black man on the bottom under her? Like what? Y’all let Nicki get away with that Rosa Parks line and that cover art of Malcolm X but wanna cancel Doja? Stop a lot of people had been looking for a reason when this info has been public for years

    1. Lmao always bringing nicki name up. Nicki didn’t say anything derogatory about rosa parks nor malcom. Lets compare racist remarkes such as cardi b to dojas. She can get away with it. Nicki can’t even breathe without y’all saying something negative about her

    2. Nicki has always called her self black. Cardi only said something along those lines once she became famous.

  8. Wow, so dating black men is a requisite to not be racist. Doja ain’t going nowhere just as rappers, actors, athletes and politicians who are racist or colorists.

  9. I can see the POV of someone who would think she used Nicki, even though everyone is saying it was charting without Nicki. Top five, but it wasn’t number one. Did the Barbz push that to number one for Nicki? Yes! Did Doja know that was a possibility? Absolutely. She made it a point to always mention Nicki in her lives and always fight with the Barbz about shady comments they would call her out on. So if she is the new female Drake, which is a high title, she used Nicki. That’s what Drake does. He is the female Beyoncé of jumping on songs with popping people. That’s why they brought all the heavy hitters out to release all the new songs. I bet Doja wasn’t expecting for this to happen. I like Lana, idk if she is racist or not. If you ask me, entertainment is racist. I don’t think you can have one without the other. They use the black community to push their agenda and to sell their merchandise, yet have no respect for us. We have to sell our souls just to sit at a table with the big heads and even then they don’t respect us. And they can have black men, they usually don’t defend black women anyway.

  10. For the record. Just because someone is attracted to black people doesn’t mean they can’t be racist

  11. Just because a white woman enjoys Black dyck, does not mean she is racist.
    I have encountered many white girls over the years who love black dyck and feel superior to black women.b

    1. This read is crazy. How can someone feel superior to another person nowadays. Clearly that’s a mental illness.

  12. I don’t have a problem if she don’t like black men- it’s her preference, but if she shows hostility to black women then we have a problem. Finding someone attractive and wanting to be with someone are two different things. You said “all women want to be with black men.” I’ve heard the opposite. A lot of women don’t, but everybody has their preferences.

  13. So did Lana screw Kanye before or after he married Kim, since Kanye surprised Kim with a Lana performance at their reception? Also doesn’t matter if the “sleep with black people”, they can still be racist AF!!!

  14. This is wild, I didnanythinf of but Doja being racist before this. And to be clear :justb a person who isn’t black is willing to sleep with a person who is, does not mean they aren’t racist…. There are racist folks who have a fetish for sleeping with black people smh

  15. DJ used to be on 4thchan anime forum and stormfront before she blew up too .
    IDK but the way she digs in her nose sniffles is a strong possibility — once the quarantine is over its straight to Dubai for her LMAO !

  16. That’s not fair. You can’t say white women who don’t want to date black men are racist. I wont date a black guy bec I’m not trying to have to justify my relationship every time a person finds themselves uncomfortable. The eye rolling, grilling, sizing up, etc – not worth it at my age. I would feel like I have to meet a standard that I can’t meet.

  17. What does “sunk a dunker” mean? In one of the tinychat videos she says “if you sunk a dunker you can be anybody”.

  18. What G is saying about Lana is she never heard her say or act publicly or secretly making racists derogatory comments about black men or women. And yes it has been a proven fact just because you date black men or black women doesn’t make you not racist and a lot of times it’s obvious and you would hear about through hearsay. One way or another you would hear about it. I never really was into Doja Cat couldn’t get into her. Only like a few songs including this Say so song.
    I trust what no one say only actions. These sheep will forgive and move on

  19. Okay, so I fuck with this blog STRONG, but this statement right here:

    “Nowadays, let’s be clear. If mixed women or white women these days don’t date or fuck black men, they have to be racist. Why? because ALL WOMEN WANT BLACK MEN. ALL RACES, CULTURES, AND COLORS these days are attracted to black men…”

    Not only threw me off, but turned me off. This is so blanketed and not rooted in anything substantial. Because a woman doesn’t like black men, it makes her racist? Really? Come on now. Stop this. This is NOT fact, and unless you guys are gonna do some kind of focus group, or get a street team, it’s not cool to make generalizations like this. A woman… light, mixed, brown, dark or yellow… if she’s not attracted to black men, it means just that! She’s not attracted. Doesn’t make her racist. if I took this out of context, my bad. But I read it more than once, so I don’t think so.

  20. I can’t name a song by either artist lol. Are we still surprised? Everyone always want to be black until they really have to be 🤷🏾‍♀️.
    Guess that’s why I’m still listening to 80’s & 90’s music

  21. I support this blog BUT you are coming across as a major hypocrite. Countless times you have defended Black men who don’t date Black women and referred to it as their preference. However Doja is racist because she isn’t into Black men?? It sounds like there’s some kind of personal vendetta against her. This whole thing just seems like a witch hunt. The girl can sing, rap, dance, write, and make her own beats. She’s more talented than a lot of the girls everyone currently stans. Not cancelled for me.

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